[GET] Blackmail to eWhore! – eWhoring Method #1

Welcome back! This time we’re sharing with you one form of interesting eWhoring Method that you can utilize and that is blackmailing. Now, good news for those worried, since Blackmailing is usually illegal in most places. In this case, Blackmailing is NOT ILLEGAL. Why? Read the guide to figure out why!

The Method involved is extremely easy. Instead of your usual eWhoring, like asking for money to get images, you will do the reverse here, which is giving them money and asking money from them as a form of Blackmail. You might be wondering, why would they give you money? Let’s just say… they’ll go to jail if they don’t give you money 😉

Find out now!

As much as we’ll like to introduce you to our picture packs, these pictures packs that we have released thus far do not cater for this particular purpose. As for this method to work, you’ll need to use very specific type of girls in order for it work. So for that we will not be advertising any recommended eWhoring Packs here.

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