[GET] Audit for Cash Confidential + OTO1 + 2 ~ Use Videos to land Clients! [WORTH: $120.98]

What is Audit for Cash Confidential?

This is a powerful course that will teach you how you can use Videos to perform audits for your client’s web properties. Yep, basically instead of writing a report, you’ll do a video talking to them on how they can improve their website. It is certainly a pretty good approach as compared to reports. Though personally speaking the most profitable way isn’t videos but rather live consultation. But hey, not everyone is free all the time and while you can make good money doing live consultation, they tend to be expensive which shuns many local business especially as they don’t have huge wallets to pay you an hourly consultation. Not only that, doing a live consultation also requires you to be very experienced on your part, so it isn’t easy to give live consults.

The point of this course is to provide video audits for clients/customers who don’t have huge wallets but you’ll still like to provide a value add for them. Videos are the best middle ground option in this case.

What will you get with Audit for Cash Confidential?

  • **Easiest way to find businesses perfect for Video Audits…
  • **How To Get Your Email Inbox filled with replies.
  • **How To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook
  • **Video Audit Examples To Copy EXACTLY What To Do.
  • **The Number One Way Thing to Grab The Business Owner In Your video.
  • ** These 6 Services Are All YOu’ll Ever Need To Sell
  • **What Media Is the WORST For Local Businesses
  • **Why These Tiny Errors Make You Money
  • **Automate This Whole System With ****** *****
  • **New Techniques to Solicit By Email Yet!
  • **How To Craft Your Non-Salesy Sales Pitch
  • **THe 3 Best Sources For Business Data
  • **They Claim Mobile Friendly BUT They’re Not?
  • **Best Free Tool That Tracks Email Opens
  • **My BEST Outsourcer File- Dont Share it!
  • **The ONLY Way To Offer a Discount
  • **Payment Methods: Does Stripe Beat Paypal? Find out.
  • **No-Nonsense Way To Follow-up with clients.
  • **Pricing At The Bulls Eye
  • **The Video-To-Video Referral Formula

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