[EXECUTIVE] Matt & Jason – The Amazing Seller Summit 2017 Free Download [WORTH: $397]

The Amazing Seller Summit

Want to be an amazing seller on Amazon? This course will teach you all that you need to know on how you can be a great seller on Amazon! Below are the contents of this summit:

This course is: 15.2GB large

Amazing Seller Summit 2017 – Day 1

Matt Clark – $0.08 Clicks: A Simple System for Scaling Sales with Facebook Ads
Mike McClary – Expanding Beyond Amazon: eCommerce Site in 30 Days
George Lawrence – Get to Know Your Global Audience
Rich Henderson – Building a List and Networking
Scott Galvao – Expanding Into Amazon Markets in Other Countries

Amazing Seller Summit 2017 – Day 2

Philip Jepsen – Full-Price Product Reviews
Devin Dorosh – Boosting Keyword Rankings and Order Value
Akemi Fisher – How to Optimize with Amazon’s New Terms of Service Changes
Karyn Thomas – Enhanced Brand Content Pages
Matt Dreier – Amazon Marketing Services in Europe
Karl Pemberton – Frequently Bought Together Method
Rob Warner – Mobile Advertising

Amazing Seller Summit 2017 – Day 3

Eddie Robertson – Scaling for Explosive Business Growth
Mike Ziegler – Amazon Sponsored Ads Secrets from Amazon Insider
Angie Chacon – Millions on Amazon by Keeping it Simple
Jessica Steele – com – Why You Want to Sell Here

What will you learn from this course?

The Amazing Seller Summit is 100% focused on Amazon strategies and tactics. All sessions are taught by real, multi-million dollar Amazon sellers. They’re there to show you exactly what’s working right now in their own highly successful Amazon businesses.

  1. How to get hundreds of product reviews.
  2. Cutting-edge strategies for ranking at the top of Amazon for even the most competitive search terms.
  3. What’s working right now in driving up the conversion rate of your product listing.
  4. New, untapped Amazon traffic sources almost no sellers are using.
  5. Systems for scaling Sponsored Products and Amazon Marketing Services ad campaigns.
  6. And much, much more!

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