[EXECUTIVE] Jumpcut Academy – Accelerate your YouTube Venture! (WORTH: $997)

Jumpcut Academy

This is part of our ongoing project to build up our Executive Section. 

Have you always wanted to be a star on YouTube? Ever dreamt of making all that ‘easy’ YouTube Adsense cash money? Well, now is your chance. Jumpcut Academy will teach you all of these things on how you too can be successful on YouTube. Just know that it involves a lot of hardwork and your rise to fame will not be very easy.

What will this teach you?


We meant that literally. This program will teach you everything you will ever need to know about starting your very own YouTube channel and become successful in the niche that you want to focus on. It will teach you the type of Mindset that you should have as a person because that will be what’s projected for all your audience to see. It will also mentally prepare you for all the things you need to know and grasp.

Only attend this course if you are TRULY serious about turning your YouTube Channel into a brand name and therefore converting it into an online business that you can make a living out of. Honestly speaking, starting a YouTube channel is no different than starting a blog, in fact, it’s easier to be successful on YouTube because you’re speaking directly to an audience rather than just writing. That… Makes a HECK load of difference.

Soo… What will this actually teach me?

Okay. Let’s move on from soft skills to hard ones. You’ll learn the type of equipment you’ll need for your whatever you’re going into. Like Cameras, software and all that stuff, you’ll learn video editing AKA Video Production 101, all the story boarding that you’ll need to do for your videos. Yes, PLEEEEASE do not make videos with a bunch of slurs, you’ll turn people off. Please plan your content. Of course finally, how you’ll market yourself and your YouTube channel to other people so you can drive organic traffic through Word Of Mouth. Finally, the most important part of it, is how you can monetize your channel – apart from just advertorials.

This kind of venture sounds like your cup of tea? Then what are you waiting for?

Download Jumpcut Academy now!


Interested in YouTube’s Confidential Content Guidelines?

Don’t want your videos to be struck down by community strikes or from violating YouTube’s terms? Do check this out. Although in general if you’re going to be offering legitimate content, then this wouldn’t be relevant. Though still check it for informational purposes. Executive Members only.

Find out youtube’s content guidelines!

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