[EXECUTIVE] ConversionXL – eCommerce Growth MasterClass (WORTH: $499)

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Welcome and this time we’re sharing with you a course DIRECT from ConversionXL. This course is known as eCommerce Growth MasterClass which in summary effectively teaches you how you broaden your current eCommerce business and make more money. Unfortunately, this course is NOT for everyone. Especially if you’re just new to the eCommerce business in general.

What does this course teach you?

  1. Create repeat buyers through an email-based reorder campaign.
  2. Increase your average order value (AOV) through pricing and quantity control, free shipping, bundling, and advanced tactics.
  3. Cross-sell and upsell like Amazon, which attributes 35% of revenue to those efforts.
  4. Build your conversion mousetraps using on-site messaging, email and Facebook campaigns.
  5. Master the two acquisition channels that drive the growth of all of Shopify’s biggest stores: Facebook and Instagram.

Sounds simple, but the technique itself is difficult to master. This is what the course will teach you.

Who is ConversionXL – eCommerce Growth MasterClass NOT FOR?

  1. You haven’t started a business and are looking to learn the basics of niche selection or how to hack Amazon. This course isn’t for newbies.
  2. You’re 100% on Amazon and want to stay there. This course is about growing a direct-to-consumer brand (think Bonobos or Warby).
  3. You’re looking for a silver bullet. Sorry, they don’t exist in eCommerce. This course is about implementing a proven, reliable system that will grow revenue over time.
  4. You have already mastered cross-selling, upselling, customer retention, lifecycle emails, personalization and segmentation.

Taken direct from their website, you can already see that this course is not for everyone. Especially if you’re completely new to eCommerce in general. So now who is this course for then?

Who is ConversionXL – eCommerce Growth MasterClass for?

  1. You run a 6-7 figure eCommerce business. (Not entirely true, if you are already semi-experienced and want to branch out, this doesn’t really apply to you.)
  2. You have tapped out your customer acquisition channels and you’re looking to restart growth.
  3. You have not fully exploited upselling, cross-selling and email-based lifecycle marketing.
  4. You want to double your revenue in one year and learn the tested, strategic framework for doing so.
  5. You’d like to automate your revenue generation so you can focus on the more strategic aspects of your business.
  6. You want to know the type of advanced-level online marketing that the big guys use, not useless hacks and tricks.

Ready to take charge and boost your eCommerce business? Then we implore you to check out this awesome course!

Download ConversionXL – eCommerce Growth MasterClass and boost your eCommerce earnings NOW!

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