[EXECUTIVE] Alex Becker – 100k A Month SEO + 3 Ways To Get To 60K

As it implies, this course will basically teach you all you need to know about SEO. Have a read below.

What does this course include?

Week 1: Beginner Accelerator
Full beginner SEO training to get you fully caught up to speed and understanding SEO in your first week of Source University

Week 2: Doing SEO 100 Right
Step by step instruction on how to do non flashy simple SEO that just works and consistently do it right without guess work or mistakes.

Week 3: Ranking Websites PT1
Advanced SEO Begins here. Now that you are doing things right its time to build powerful websites and start using proven tactics to start generating traffic from search engines.

Week 4: Ranking Websites PT2
Advanced SEO Begins here. Ranking websites in SEO is the bioggest challenge so we are spending two weeks grooming you to crush this step by step.

Week 5: Maximum Monetization
Now that we can make and rank websites with brutal efficency its time for us to squeeze the absolute maximum amount of income out of them. 95 SEOs do this wrong.

Week 6: Client SEO Week
Now that we have mastered doing SEO for ourselves we can now charge upwards of 12k per year to do it for other people. We will focus on how to do this exclusively in week 6.

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