[CASE STUDY] How to Make Over $175/Day Strategy!

What is this case study about?

This case study is about promoting your PPD Apps on Instagram and getting people to download it. Apply it well and scale! Take action and you will see yourself profiting.

Required Skills

  • Basic Instagram Skills
  • Common Sense

Now before I go on to explaining how to do this simple method here’s a days results using this strategy, (Took appx. 30mins of work the rest speaks for itself)


As you can see those 3 totals add up to about $175 USD which was acquired in 24 hours,
(These are account balance withdraws not purchases)

Tools You’ll Need

  • The Plug (Mobile App Offers)
  • An Instagram Account (For Messaging)
  • A PayPal Account (For Payments)

Let’s Get Started!

So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for “How can I easily make $175 in just a day?” It’s simple really, I say this is one of the easiest income sources to have for someone who’s not experiences in any other IM Categories and likes easy work and easy money.

The Method:


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