[EXECUTIVE] Todd Snively, Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon [WORTH: $2,499]

What is Ecom Elites?

Todd and Chris have developed many of their own software tools to help them find products, sell the products and then track everything that needs tracking. Here’s a screenshot of the Ecomm Elite Dashboard that tracks all of your sales and the NET PROFIT to the sku level for each item you sell. You can set the time frame to anything you want, but this is the last thirty days of sales:

Remember, Chris and Todd both started with ZERO sales at one point and earned revenues like this from working one product at a time, building up to multiple products. During a workshop last night Todd pulled up a random supplier inventory file and within 30 minutes found five products that can be purchased in the USA, sent to Amazon’s FBA program and just those five product equated to $600/month in pure profit. All in just 30 minutes of using their famous research tools.

Now, here’s one of their secrets – none of their products are very popular at all. If Todd and Chris were to tell you they were going to show you how to come up with a boring product that sells 1-200 units a month, people would think they were a little nuts. What they’re really going to teach you is how to do this over and over every month. It’s all about systems, software and avoiding the sirens lure of that “top 100” sexy, super competitive product.

The “top” products have way too much competition and price pressures. Some gurus tell you to just take one of those top 100, get it private labeled in China, send it in to fba, run some promotions and you’ll make a lot of money. Errrrr, it’s really not that easy, but the good news is that it’s very straightforward to setup a business to sell a bunch of boring, “un-sexy” products, making a lot of money in the process.

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