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Amazon FBA Ninja

Ever wanted to start a SERIOUS business that can make you BIG MONEY? Are you already in the Amazon Niche trying to sell products but not making it very far? No problem! We’re here to help you with this course. Though this course isn’t about Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping, it requires you to own your own Products. Therefore the term Amazon FBA – which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon?

Think of it like this, in an ordinary business, you will need to have a warehouse to store your products right? Not to mention, you’ll also have to handle all the shipping, invoice, customer service and etc. It is definitely not something one person can do trying to sell their products. Of course Amazon started thinking – WHAT IF, I can take all the work of shipping, customer service and etc AWAY from the seller? Meaning, all the seller has to do is focus on Marketing. Amazon will handle all the shipping needs and etc.

Amazon handles all of my shipping?

Yes. And that is a good thing. A physical product is highly limited to local sales especially if you do not have the ability to ship them overseas. Amazon can help you deliver products overseas at a MUCH more efficient rate. For example, if you gather 200 sales overseas, wouldn’t it be tedious to handle all the documentation needed to ship them overseas? Not to mention all the upfront payment costs, it would be EXPENSIVE!

With this service, Amazon is basically introducing you the concept of Economies of Scale, where they handle everything for a cheaper cost while you focus on getting more sales worldwide. It’s basically a win-win deal for both you the seller and Amazon.

If you’re interested, you may watch this video to learn more:

What does this Amazon FBA Course teach me?

You might think you would need a physical product to sell. While theoretically YES, the method itself is more in line with the idea of DROPSHIPPING. Here’s what you can get out of this course.

  • A detailed breakthrough on how you can rank any Amazon Product to page 1 for any keyword.
  • A detailed explanation on Amazon’s ranking algorithm and how you can manipulate it through index – all the while being compliant with its Terms of Service!
  • Methods that will help you TRIPLE your sales while CUTTING your Course in HALF!
  • How you can view your competitor’s exact backend keywords! This is insanely useful for boosting your new products and create very profitable automatic PPC campaigns with little to no work!
  • How you can advertise your products on Facebook and use landing pages while collecting customer emails that you can recycle for your future products!

If you’re a serious person looking to do some serious business. This is one of the alternative that we can offer you. Of course, this is what executive shares are all about. Teaching you serious methods that can make you a living online – provided you are committed to it.

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