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We believe this is the perfect course to get started with Forex Trading. If you’re interested in trading foreign currencies and profiting immensely, check out this course. We will be gauging interest for this program. FOREX is one of those High Risk High Return Trading Schemes. If you can master the art of Forex, you can easily see yourself making over 100% Return on your investment.
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What is Ultimate Trader Transformation?

The Ultimate Trader Transformation was designed to provide traders with a learning experience that is unparalleled in the industry. When you enrol in the UTT you’ll be among the first group of traders to benefit from our brand new, state-of-the-art, online training centre.

This brand new learning experience incorporates every resource available to you at the click of a button. You’ll have access to the entire collection of UTT training materials and live training sessions, the live trading rooms, the Syndicate Program and War Room broadcast, the UTT group chat network, live charts, events calendar, economic news calendar, and much more!


With lessons ranging from basic market principles, to advanced studies of technical analysis, in the Ultimate Trader Transformation our team of professional traders will guide you through the proper learning process step-by-step.

We’ll help you eliminate those costly gaps in your understanding and you’ll develop a life-long skill set that will help you achieve your goal of becoming an independent, consistently profitable trader.

  1. Breaking Bad Habits
    Years of bad “experience” may be standing in your way…In order to grow you need to wipe the slate clean. We will help you identify and eliminate bad habits that are hindering your development.
  2. Proven Techniques
    Not only will you learn a variety of time-tested strategies that you can employ immediately, you’ll also be equipped with the knowledge and tools required to modify existing strategies or create your very own.
  3. Mental Fortitude
    90% of trading is psychological, therefore, we devote a lot of time helping you prepare for the mental challenges of trading. Training lessons that incorporate neuro-associative conditioning and neuro-linguistics programming will give you the upper-hand in your mental battle with the market.
  4. Establishing A Framework
    When traders are missing crucial pieces of the puzzle, they typically don’t find out until it’s too late. That’s we start with the basics and build from there, ensuring there are no gaps in your understanding.
  5. Methodical Approach
    Subjectivity in trading will lead to failure. You’ll learn how to eliminate that risk by developing a rules-based trading plan built around the IF/THEN syntax. Never again will you second guess what to do or when to do it.
  6. Trading As A Business
    We approach trading education like a business franchise. We have a proven model of success and through the Ultimate Trader Transformation you can obtain the knowledge and tools required to treat your trading like a business and duplicate that success.


The Ultimate Trader Transformation consists of 13 self-paced training modules that contain over 55 separate core training lessons. In addition to detailed training videos, many lessons include supporting pdf documents to facilitate learning and help reinforce important concepts.

Getting Set (Brokers & Tools of the Trade)


Reading a Price Chart


Simple Patterns & RSI


Trend Continuation Trading


Counter-Trend Trading


Understanding & Using Fibonacci Ratios


The Fibonacci Inversion Strategy

Module 8:

Trade State Management

Module 9:

Combined Technical Score (CTS) Trading

Module 10:

Advanced Pattern Recognition

Module 11:

Money Management

Module 12:

Trade Plan Development

Module 13:

Performance Tracking & Data Analysis

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