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What is Consulting Empire?

Sabri is opening his private war chest of battle-tested and proven strategies (including his closely guarded word-for-word 8-figure sales script) for taking fledging consultants and entrepreneurs and helping them DOMINATE their industry.

After privately mentoring a small crew of likeminded consultants and entrepreneurs helping them create a predictable system that gives them dream clients — and income — on demand… I had to almost literally drag him away from running his own outrageously successful business to teach you how he did it, with no funding, no venture capital and no safety net.

We’ve distilled everything you need to know — and DO — into a powerhouse online course that will accelerate your journey exponentially. Everything Sabri’s tried, failed, learned from and honed on his journey to $833K a month is in this course.

What does Sabri Suby – Consulting Empire course teach you?

Whether you already have an idea of this…or you’re just starting out…your first step is this: Find your niche, determine your mindset and calculate your earning potential. This first stage is EASY. But because it lays the foundation for the potential multi-million dollar business you’re starting, it’s vital to get this right.

You have to correctly assess the business battlefield — who’s dominating the niche you seek to take over…how can you build a pitch and offer that beats them and starts generating business…and how do you price your services to best cut into that market and start winning clients?

This is where it gets real. You may have had paying clients already…but not like this. Before you build up your system for getting clients in the door on autopilot, you need to deploy one of the first business battle tactics Sabri perfected on his way to $833K a month. You don’t actually need to spend a CENT on ads to get your first clients.

You have THREE free channels staring you in the face. In the second module of the course, Sabri reveals them — and shows you exactly how to pitch the offer you’ve crafted in the previous stage to get your first clients. This does two powerful things.

It confirms your offer and positioning are right — and it gives you the confidence and validation you need to take it to the next step. BUILDING A POWERFUL, KILLER BRAND. OK, here’s where it starts getting EXCITING.

Having nailed your offer, defined your niche and attracted (and served) your first paying clients… Now it’s time to brand and market yourself as a legitimate and established consultancy business. This is where you make the leap from “freelancer” to “business owner”.

It comes down to something Sabri keeps closely guarded. He calls it his “Secret Selling System”. This one step enables you to stop seeking clients. Instead…if you execute this the right way…they’ll start seeking YOU.

With your “Secret Selling System” in place and beginning to build momentum for you…

It’s time to begin increasing the number of clients you serve — AND increasing the value you can offer (and the fees you can command). This is where Sabri’s Three-Step Proven Funnel comes into play.

Again, he’s giving you all of this inside the course. You don’t have to figure ANY of it out for yourself.
This involves three steps.

Time to get down to it. You have people pouring into your business looking for knowledge and value. Many of these people will be ready to PAY for your professional services. This is where you’ve got to DELIVER in spades.

Module five shows you how to fulfil your client workload to the highest possible standard — but with speed and efficiency. Sabri shows you how to communicate with your clients…set up and maintain a database of projects…create iron-clad contracts and, most importantly… Get your clients to pay you on time, every time.

Once you’ve got to this point — where your offer, your brand, your funnel and your services are firing on all cylinders — you’re ready to take it to the next level. If you want, that is. You may just want to build a roster of a few clients to sustain a profitable career as a solopreneur. That’s fine.

We’ve designed this course to take you as far as you want to go. But module six is where you can dare to dream BIG. Because the steps Sabri shows you in the first five modules are going to present you with this (enviable) problem. What do you do when you have more clients  asking for your services than you can realistically handle?

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