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What Tony Shepherd – Breaking The Rules

My 6 module strategy course is my ‘brain dump’ where I’ve finally got down into paper how you don’t have to compete with the rest of the herd to be more successful, make more money AND have more free time!

More than that, it’s how I’ve been able to use the exact same blueprint I’m going to share with you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing things my own way and quite simply IGNORING the advice of anyone who said I couldn’t

And you can use any or all of these strategies in your own business starting today OR to build something from the ground up if you’ve not created a business yet You’ll probably have noticed I do things differently to most marketers, as I mentioned above, but there’s much more that happens behind the scenes of my business that NO ONE has ever seen before now.

And that’s what I want to share with you today… Strategies like my brand-new ‘self-perpetuating traffic system’, which means I have to buy much LESS traffic now than I’ve ever done before. I’ll share everything with you so you can get a head start.

What will you get with Tony Shepherd – Breaking The Rules?

  • The hidden BUY signals in my emails that work every time
  • >> How I know that EVERYTHING I create will bring In a Minimum of Four Figures
  • >> The one type of product that will sell every time in ANY funnel
  • >> Why my subscribers feel they know me and the effect that has on my profits
  • >> How to brand yourself so you position your COMPETITION when you position yourself
  • >> My main traffic tactic, and why I’ve never had to worry about it
  • >> Recurring income – the easiest and fastest method I’ve ever used
  • >> When I write a promo email – the hidden meanings, the hidden outcome
  • >> My hand-crafted million-dollar (yep really) templates
  • >> Where I get my source material for emails
  • >> Where I generate my ideas for products (TOP secret and not where you think)
  • >> My most profitable formulas that you’ve never noticed
  • >> My Simple Four And Five Figure Product Strategy (That no one else seems to use!)
  • >> Why I don’t make videos and how I’ve turned that into a BIG profit
  • >> The simple two-page site for getting subscribers that I have never shared before
  • >> How my work day flows. The 3 daily tasks that bring in money (can be modelled)
  • >> My ‘Cash in 5 Hours’ Strategy

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