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What do you get with Presto?

Module One: Introduction and Welcome

You’ll learn everything you need to know before, during, and after a presentation to make sure the audience walks away from the presentation saying, “Wow, that was an amazing presentation.”

Module Two: Prepare Well

Be certain your audience will crave everything you have to say. The only reason why someone would want to leave your presentation before you are finished is because you didn’t deliver what you said you would within the first five to fifteen minutes. The way to do that is to prepare the right way, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do.

Module Three: Open Convincingly

Grab the attention of your audience within the first minute. When you open, you need to start with your hook. To create the hook you want to use, you must first determine what types of tasks your audience members perform on a daily basis. You can then use those tasks to tell them why it’s important and helpful for them to know your content. Tell them why it’s cool for them, and you’ll have them from hello.

Module Four: Speak Effectively

Persuade your audience with your words and tone of voice. You’ll learn how to say and use the right language to lift your audience up with your words rather than saddening or offending them. If you don’t think you do this, then you really need to hear this section. Finally, you’ll learn how to master your tone so that you look and feel like the expert that you are.

Module Five: Make it Enjoyable and Add Visual Variety

Entertain your audience using your own unique style. If you really want to “wow” your audience then you’ve got to make sure your presentations are enjoyable. Maybe the most powerful thing I have learned about humor is that people don’t laugh just because they think things are funny. They laugh because they feel good. This will change your entire way of thinking about what to do with humor in your presentations.
Make your visuals clearer and more memorable. There are several ways you can build variety into your presentations. You’ll discover some of the top tips such as the circle of knowledge, the top do’s and don’ts of using visual aids and PowerPoint slides, and even how to demo for effect.

Module Six: Present With Your Body

Use your face and body language with dynamic effect. Body language and facial expressions are some of the most powerful tools of a presenter. Keep in mind that only 7% of your communication to your audience is what you say. Of what’s left, 55% is your body language and facial expressions, and 38% is tone. You’ll learn the top tips from me on how to use all three.

Module Seven: Close to Applause

Move your audience to respond with enthusiasm. When you close you will need to make sure you finish by the time you promised. You’ll not only be able to accomplish that each and every time, you’ll get the applause you’ve been seeking after every presentation you do.

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