[GET] Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis – Local Social Sumo [WORTH: $19.11]

What do you get with Local Social Sumo?

Module 1: How to Talk to Businesses About Social Media Management
– Understanding what you’re offering
– Avoiding common mistakes
– Crafting your USP
– 10 selling points you need to know and use

Module 2: Pricing & Service Packages for Maximum Profits
– Determining your pricing
– Creating Your Service Packages
– Sample Contract
– Other Services for profit
– Raising your rates

Module 3: Power Prospecting
– Identifying your ideal client
– Crating your prospecting message
– Using social media to prospect
– Using Direct Mail
– With networking groups


Module 4: Delivering of Your Social Media Management Services
– Client On-boarding
– A Word on Deliverables
– Social Media Content Creation Guidelines & Resources
– Hiring a Content Writer (sample ad for hiring an outsourcer)

Module 5: Social Sumo Authority Social Agency Theme
-Initial Social Sumo Authority Agency Theme Setup (4 Videos)
– Social Sumo Authority Agency Website Setup (10 videos)

Templates & Worksheets Included
– Startup Business Checklist
– Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet
– Rate worksheet
– Sample service packages
– Sample contract
– 2 Sample proposals
– Ideal Client Worksheet
– Prospecting Message Worksheet
– Social Media & Email prospecting templates
– Postcard & letter templates
– On-boarding templates & intake form
– Social Media Resources
– Sample ad for hiring an outsourcer

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