[GET] Mike Paul – Local Life Leads + OTO1 – 2 [WORTH: $131]

What will you learn with Local Life Leads?

  • The wasteful, day of the typical ‘old school’ life insurance agent.
  • The reason why insurance agents are stuck on the last century – and how you can laugh all the way to the bank by curing their biggest headache.
  • Why beleaguered life insurance agents will see you as a miracle worker (making it a slam dunk to sign them up as a client for your consultancy business).
  • The clever lead generating technique that is as accurate as laser-guided missile finding red-hot ‘ready to buy now’ prospects for your life insurance agent clients. And they will LOVE you for it.
  • The lightening fast lead generation technique that’s like a greased chute – resulting in your clients enjoying better lead conversions and a lower cost per lead.
  • Setting up your consulting business as fast as humanly possible and on a shoestring budget (I’ll walk you through the simple procedure that’s as easy as A, B, C).
  • Two powerful methods that empower you to generate all the red-hot life insurance leads you need for your clients.
  • The surefire way to find all the prospective life insurance agent clients you can handle (it’s as simple as typing this particular phrase into Google).
  • Centers of influence – and the website where you’ll find them, lightening fast!
  • Your inside track on the generous amounts life insurance agents currently pay for each lead – and the alternative payment method both you and your clients will love.

What will you learn with OTO 1?

The first OTO will allow the consultant to “present without presenting”. With a high converting video presentation, your list can send the video to multiple prospects at a time and have the law of averages on their side!

  • Embedded commands that gets prospects to ACT.
  • Professional voiceover with all the right pauses and inflection to keep the prospect engaged..
  • Sales techniques within.. that the consultant doesn’t have to learn!

What will you learn with OTO 2?

The second OTO is a collection of 4 high quality and professional Ad Videos that can be used on Social media ads, posts, Youtube, and Email! Perfect for gaining insane conversion rates! Yes, the FE product has everything needed, but some would like this extra touch to get started.

  • Short pitch videos that drive “Clicks”..
  • Consultants can “Bribe” prospects with these Client Magnets
  • Consultants can also use these with their lead service for clients!

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