[GET] Megan Adams – Advertising on Facebook: Advanced

What is Megan Adams – Advertising on Facebook: Advanced

Take your ads from average to exceptional. Learn how to leverage the most powerful tools in Facebook to improve ad performance, optimize spending, and get real results.

Social media marketing expert Megan Adams shares a new set of advanced, time-saving techniques for marketers and small business owners alike. She shows how to create custom ads and make campaign-wide changes quickly and use the Facebook pixel for conversion and audience tracking, so you can see who has interacted with your brand’s page or website. Plus, learn how to create custom and lookalike audiences to target important customers and expand your reach.

Last but not least, Megan reveals tips for split testing ads to choose the highest performing design, and retargeting and remarketing to past visitors.

Topics include:

  • Setting up an ad account with Facebook Business Manager
  • Creating ads and campaigns
  • Managing ads and campaigns in bulk
  • Adding a Facebook pixel for creating custom conversions
  • Creating custom and lookalike audiences
  • Split testing ads
  • Retargeting ads

Download Megan Adams – Advertising on Facebook: Advanced


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