[GET] Luther Landro – Facebook Restaurant Raider [WORTH: $27]

What is Luther Landro – Facebook Restaurant Raider?

Facebook Restaurant Raider is a brand new, done-for-you system that lands $500 checks from local restaurants to set them up on Facebook’s Order Now service.

Take a look at what you are getting in this Facebook marketing business in a box:

First, you’re getting my famous ‘Raider’ checklists that break down this entire business into easy to follow, step by step instructions.

My ‘raider’ series has been the best selling and best-reviewed products that I’ve ever released. Customers from all walks of life are seeing results:

Facebook Restaurant Raider breaks down every step into a series of checklists that you can follow to build a Facebook Marketing business. Checklists are by far the best way to learn a business model because they are easy to follow and ensures you NEVER miss a step like watching a long training series and then going off to do it on your own.

Checklist 1: Restaurant prospecting and client sales

Follow this checklist to assemble a list of the hottest restaurant prospects, quickly find their owner’s direct contact information, and use a series of copy & paste sales emails that take you from initial contact all the way to landing your $500 payment.

The checklist includes:

  • Restaurant targeting criteria so you only sell to the hottest prospects who will want this service.
  • Lead sources to find the direct contact information of restaurant owners quickly Copy & paste sales materials taking you from first contact all the way through the sale.
  • Rebuttal emails for any objection a client may throw at you.

Checklist 2: Facebook Order Now Setup & Delivery

Follow this checklist to get your paying clients set up on Facebook Order Now in under an hour.

Your client will be:

  • Ranked at the top of results for restaurants in Facebook.
  • Set up to take delivery orders inside Facebook.
  • Set up to take reservations inside Facebook.
  • Accepting payments online for deliveries.
  • All their menu items displayed right on Facebook.

Bonus Checklist: Facebook ad/lead management service for Facebook.

Earn up to $2,000 per client (mid-sized restaurants) for managing their Facebook ads and email leads. This checklist will walk you through profitable Facebook advertising and lead management for restaurants including:

  • Location-based targeting for deliveries
  • Target upcoming birthdays with free meals
  • Steal customers from your client’s competitors (biz owners LOVE this)
  • How to collect email leads when reservations are made Set up promotions for every holiday
  • Promote the restaurant’s events and specials
  • Generate leads through coupon and free meal offers.
  • These checklists alone can land you $500 checks quickly, and turn those one time clients into repeat $2,000 per month ad management clients.

Download Luther Landro – Facebook Restaurant Raider


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