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What is Local Fee Finder?

Local Fee Finder is the newest Software that puts your Consultant Website intake forms on AUTO-PILOT. The Software creates Instant Client Intake forms WITH EASE, WHILE AVOIDING EXPENSIVE MONTHLY FEES ALTOGETHER. Installation is Super-Easy, and step-by-step instructions are included. Perfect for the Tech-Challenged Consultant!

Local Fee Finder does the ‘dirty work’ in seconds. Local Fee Finder gives you the ability to create custom designs for a custom look. This WordPress plugin lets you effortlessly oversee the entire form submission in ONE Place in your WordPress Dashboard. The leads are instantly funneled to you for immediate followup…automatically.

Local Fee Finder enhances your professional appearance and brands you as an established serious marketer. Local Fee Finder helps to PRE-QUALIFY prospects- there is no faster way. If you have a staff, you can share the information with team members…automatically.

What do you learn in Local Fee Finder?

Module 1: Pricing Psychology
– What’s Your Time Worth?
– Finding Your Pricing ‘Sweet Spot’
– What’s the Prospects Time Worth?
– Analyzing Your Competitors
– When to Raise Your Prices
– Should You Discount?

Module 2: Pricing Presentation
– Attitude: I want your biz, but Dont Need it
– Best way to present Price
– Price Pre-Conditioning
– Building in ‘Wiggle Room’
– ‘Throw-Aways’ You’ll need
– Doing ROI Calculator w/prospect
– Dealing with Price Shoppers
– Key Agreement Phrases(examples inside)

Module 3: When Prospect’s Budget Is Too Low
– Offering Special Payment Alternatives
– Reducing Scope of Work
– The choice to accept lower priced projects
– Saying ‘No’ without offending
– Planting seeds for the future

Templates & Worksheets Included
– ROI Prospecting Worksheet
– Setting Your Price Worksheet
– Analyzing Your Competitors Checklist

Download Local Fee Finder


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