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What do you learn with Local Auto Pilot Agency?

Understanding the big picture value of Messenger Marketing for local clients

– Understanding what you’re offering
– Avoiding common mistakes
– How to make marketing via Facebook Messenger the game changer of the decade and what this means to local businesses.

Pricing and Packaging
– Identifying your ideal client
– Crating your prospecting message
– Stack value and services to they can’t say no
– Control more of the services to lock in monthly recurring

After the Sale
– Retention of paying customers is the key to Growth
– How to get a customer to stick with you, through thick and thin
– Solidify your relationship, building trust and respect
– Controlling the conversation to better manage your time

Strategies to Land Clients
– Leveraging the power of your existing audiences
– Getting your Linked In audience linked to your tool
– Free Trial Method
– FB Ads and retargeting

Making a Sales Presentation
– How to present your offer to a potential customer
– Simple techniques to inform without flooding the room with unnecessary info
– What are local business’s pain points – and how you can fix them with bots

Case Study – Cold Email Campaign
– Tips to avoid the spam folder
– Roofer Email Case Study (with full email content)
– Plumber Email Case Study (with full email content)
– HVAC Email Case Study (with full email content)
– Niche specific subject line split testing

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