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What is The Breakthrough?

This is a course that is about getting reviews for businesses.

What will you learn in The Breakthrough?

Video 1: “This is the most honest, to-the-point, value packed video I’ve ever seen.” Testimonial from Beta group
I hate to brag but this is probably the best video I’ve ever created.

Yes it’s a little long but I guarantee you that you’ll find more value in this one video than you ever gotten from any other Warrior Plus product you’ve ever purchased!

This video goes into WHY we do what we do, WHY it works so unbelievably well, and how you can use to to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

We also walk through why people fail, why people succeed, and how to avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

Runtime – 126 minutes + Workbook

Video 2 The Bulletproof Process That We ‘Stole’ From One Of The Biggest Retailers In The World

In video 2, I’ll personally walk you through the process that we call “Product as a Service.” This is exactly how I built every single one of my 5 total businesses (2 of which I sold).

This is a process that has never before been taught (as far as I know) and is directly modeled from one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Runtime – 21 minutes + Workbook

Video 3: The Done For You Product That You Can Take And Sell As Your Own

We talked a little about “Product as a Service”…Right? I also promised that you can do this withOUT a Product, List, or any experience, Right?

Well, in video 3 I give you the exact product that we are selling RIGHT NOW for huge paydays! I also give you access to the entire thing so you can edit it and make it your own in under 10 minutes!

No tech skills, video making, PDF writing, etc. wanted at all. Simply copy and paste!

Runtime – 20 minutes. + Download

Video 4: Making Our “Sells Itself” Product Your Own

You don’t want to sell our product, Right?

You want to copy what works, put your name and brand on it and have it sell itself…Right?

That’s exactly what I teach you to do in Video 4. I’ll walk you through, step by step, how to edit the product we sell here at my company so that you can sell it as your own.

Runtime – 13 minutes.

Video 5: The ONE Email That Produces Income And Leads On Demand!

Copy. Paste. Send. Collect. It’s as simple as that! As soon as you show this simple little email to prospects they’ll be begging to send you a check!

Runtime – 8 minutes + Email Download

Video 6: The Power Base – Your 50+ Customers That Are Already Waiting For You.

Uber, Groupon, Amazon, Facebook, Ford, and almost every successful company ever built… What do they all have in common? They were started by using their Power Base. This video will teach you how we modeled this process and how you can as well.

Runtime – 26 minutes + PDF Download

Video 7: The 2 Part Email Sequence That Built Our Entire Business

When you have a product (which we give you) that every single business in the world MUST have, finding people who need it is easy. But what the hell do you say to them…Right? That’s the real question… And this video and Word Doc Download answers that question like never before. After learning how to use this simple email sequence you’ll be able to get clients and customers on demand.

Runtime – 12 minutes + Email Sequence Download

Video 8: Become Income Free By Finally Crushing Your FEAR Of The Phone

Lets be honest, we ALL know that the telephone is the fastest, easiest and most direct way to building a business. You may not like it but I’m not here to pat you on the back and tell you everything will be OK.

I’m here to tell you the cold, hard truth and cut through the BS. You don’t have to become a master but you MUST become competent on the telephone if you ever want to build a serious business.

It’s just how business is done and that’s never going to change. This video and script will Force you to crush your fear of talking to people Forever!

Runtime – 42 minutes + PDF

Video 9: The EXACT Presentation We Use To Shut Down Every Deal We Close

I’ve given you the product… I’ve shown you who your prospects are… I’ve taught you how to get them warmed up… Now lets start taking some money and getting PAID!

Runtime – 12 minutes + PDF

Video 10: Your Plan From This Day Forward

Ever feel stuck? Don’t know what to do? Business is SIMPLE – Prospect, Pitch, Close, Provide, Preserve. That’s IT! Period, end of story.

Anyone who tries to complicate it any more than that either has no idea what they’re talking about or is lying to you! This plan will keep you on track and focused on the 5 things that actually bring MONEY into your life.

Runtime – 24 Minutes

Download The Breakthrough NOW!


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