[GET] Flipadom + OTO 1-3 ~ Flip Domains for Profit! [WORTH: $103.95]

What is Flipadom?

Flipadom is based on the actual results that Bobby D has achieved, buying and selling domains, and making a tidy profit. He has a full time job, working incredibly long hours, but has been doing this in his spare time.

If you knew how to buy something for $10 and sell it for $149…how many would you buy and sell? He’s managed to sell 13 domains that cost him just $111.96 in total, for an eye watering $1,571!

What do you get out of OTO 1 – 3?

OTO1 – Advanced Strategies by Bobby

Bobby takes the user by the hand and demonstrates a very powerful “no list” strategy for fast commissions that he’s been using to increase his profits.

OTO2 – Flipadom Power by Trevor

Trevor shows the user how he was able to apply a unique twist to the Flipadom process and was able to flip 3 VIP domains in 3 days, turning a handsome profit!

OTO3 – Resale Rights

Your list will get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel We’ve seen a lot of affiliates making a LOT of money with the resale rights to our products recently.

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