[GET] DigitalMarketer – The Market Research Playbook: 2020 Edition [WORTH: $27]

What is The Market Research Playbook?

  • A Proven System To Get Inside Your Customer’s Heads
    Find out who your market is, where they hang out online, and most importantly: find out what they want to buy next.
  • A Step-By-Step Process to get the data you need to inform your Sales Funnels
    Discover how to mine your marketplace for the gems that you can turn into a perfect Lead Magnet, an irresistible Tripwire, a high-converting Core Offer, and more!
  • All 14 Of Our Market Research Playbook Worksheets
    Just follow along with these 14 easy-to-use worksheets and you’ll know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when researching your market.
  • Learn How To Create Winning Marketing Campaigns
    When you understand what your market really wants, you’ll have the knowledge you need to create high-converting ads and landing pages. Plus, you’ll also learn how to ethically “spy” on your competitors’ ads for an even bigger advantage!

What do you get in this playbook?

  • Understand The Purpose Of Market Research
  • Discover The Foundation Of Your Market Research
  • Find Your Ideal Buyer And Improve Your Targeting
  • Discover Products, Pricing, And Copy Working Now
  • Discover The Best Performing Ads In Your Market
  • Where To Buy Physical Products For Your Funnel
  • Craft Your Final Funnel Architecture

Download The Market Research Playbook: 2020 Edition

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