[GET] Beyond Linkedin: Business Networking For Fun & LOTS of Profit + OTO [WORTH: $7.00]

What is Beyond Linkedin: Business Networking For Fun & LOTS of Profit?

This 50 page PDF has only ever been shared with my own clients, and many of them have used this same information to get new businesses off to a great start or kick their marketing efforts out of the doldrums.

Why Am I Making This Valuable Information Available?

Quite simply because this is some of the most effective marketing I have ever done – and because we are all totally unique individuals, no matter how similar our business models may be – this type of marketing makes every effort totally unique to you and you alone! In other words, I can share this business-building method with a thousand people and we can all still succeed.

Business networking is personal – whether you do it online or offline – you’ll be able to build your unique brand around your own strengths and personality, at a pace that makes you comfortable.

But the key is that once you bring YOU, the PERSON, into your business marketing, you will distance yourself from the pack. You will stand out from everyone else, because NO ONE ELSE IS YOU!

Suddenly you are not another faceless Bing ad or Google maps result – you are a living, breathing business owner. And interestingly enough – personal, interested interaction through online networks works just as well as face to face events. You just have to find the websites that actually allow you to do so!

And that is exactly what this tried and tested list of networking opportunities will let you do: create real and valuable relationships with your market.

What will you get with this course?

  • 19 Of The Best Resources For Business Networking
    Online and offline – these are tried and true business builders!
  • Tips To Networking Success
    Advice from the trenches to make your networking efforts successful!
  • 50 Pages of Solid No-Fluff Content
    An overview of each resource, along with costs, dues and format
  • Quick Links To Key Information
    No need to waste time – each overview includes links to key info
  • And these bonuses:
    Bonus #1: Linked InTo Content
    Our original best-selling guide – learn how to connect with business owners in a whole new way on Linkedin!
  • Bonus #2: How To Let Your Customers Do The Selling For You – Make the most of your networking efforts with testimonials from your customers!

Download Beyond Linkedin: Business Networking For Fun & LOTS of Profit + OTO


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