[EXECUTIVE] Youngjoon Sun – Amazon FBA Mastermind [WORTH: $995]

Amazon FBA Mastermind

What is Amazon FBA Mastermind?

Learn how to sell something that it is already selling with high volume, high rank, high profit, and less competition. You can work with Authorized Suppliers and Become Authorized Seller and get Approved by Amazon.

You Need to sell what Customers are already looking to buy, and What they are searching for.
You need to make your business as simple as possible. And, It must be Scalable. Now what?

You will learn how to find great suppliers who provide you great products with high rank and high profit. And, learn how to use all the right tools to make your product results more Efficient, Easy, Time Saving, and Accurate

What do you get with Youngjoon Sun – Amazon FBA Mastermind?

  • Setting Up Legal Business
  • – Setting Up Amazon Seller Account
  • – Learn difference between FBM and FBA
  • – Understanding Concept of Buy Box in Amazon
  • – How to list in Amazon
  • – How to ship to Amazon FBA
  • – How to find 100s of Authorized Distributors/Suppliers and how to distinguish who to work with
  • – How to get the list of products from Authorized Suppliers and what to ask for
  • – How to find most profitable products with the product list
  • – How to Use Software to get Most Critical and important data
    (1. ROI, 2, Rank –> Estimated number of sales per month)
  • – How to find out who are your real competitors sharing Amazon Buy Box
  • – How to win Buy Box
  • – How to determine what is correct number of products to order to ship into Amazon FBA
  • – How to ungate on certain main category and sub category
  • – How to ungate with any brand
  • – What softwares to use to simply your business and increase efficiency and accuracy and how to use them like Pro.
  • – How to communicate with Amazon when you are experiencing any problem

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