[EXECUTIVE] Ugurus – Web Design Sales Kit [WORTH: $197]

What is Ugurus – Web Design Sales Kit

The interaction model step-by-step process is explained. Explore the psychological keys behind the interaction model’s sales strategy.

  • Cold Calling
    Unlearn everything you know about this high-stress topic. In this module you’ll learn how to handle that first call with a new client.
  • Qualification
    Instead of chasing every new opportunity, learn how to turn the tables and start sizing up potential clients against your ideal customer profile.
  • Discovery
    Move beyond the customer’s stated needs and start digging into their business to find the real problems that make hiring you an urgent priority.
  • Solutions
    Learn how to build huge value and demand for your services by speaking directly to the customer’s greatest problems.
  • Proposals
    Learn why proposals are less important than everyone thinks, and how you can successfully use a proposal to win more projects.
  • Work Plan
    Learn how to kick off a project from a sale and lead your customers through the buying process.
  • Closing
    Find out how the interaction model removes any need for sleazy closing techniques when it comes time for your prospect to sign on the dotted line.

What do you get with Ugurus – Web Design Sales Kit

  • 5+ hours of training in HD video.
  • Downloadable video and .pdf materials.
  • Lecture discussion boards with active participation by the instructor.
  • Watch at your own pace, on any device.
  • Lifetime course access, at any time.

Download Ugurus – Web Design Sales Kit


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