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What is Rank & Rent?

What I’ve got for you here is a strategy that I use to earn money from local businesses WITHOUT the thing that puts most people off – because there’s NO having to contact them to sell, and having the constantly calling you to ask about their rankings or their ads or whatever they’re not happy about.

Hell, I’ve been called an SEO expert but even I wouldn’t dream of dipping even my little toe into the murky waters of trying to SELL SEO services to local businesses.

That’s the beauty of my Rank and rent system. Because we’re ranking for LOCAL businesses it’s almost impossible to saturate. There are SO MANY local areas, and because you don’t even have to live in the same COUNTY as the area you want to rank your sites in, the possibilities are endless

Even better, once you rank your sites for (for example) plumbers and start taking the recurring ad revenue, you can use the same strategy for doctors, restaurants, lawyers, hairdressers and much more in the wame area (or any other area you wish)

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