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Build Scale Done

What is Build Scale Done by Thomas Bartke

My team will teach you (in an accelerated fashion) everything you need to know about getting started with your E-commerce business… or jump starting it again in case you’re at a plateau right now.

This isn’t the typical online where we have 1000s of people in attendance, with multiple speakers we interview, and you take notes the entire time and implement when you get home. It’s basically an eCommerce Course that teaches you how you can get started with your very own eCommerce Empire and make a living out of it.

What will you learn in Build Scale Done?

How to Quickly Test and Find WINNING Products

I said this before and I’ll say it again.
You CAN’T Scale The Crap Out Of A Crappy Product…
It needs to be good.
Product selection, especially in Q4, is more important than ever.
Typically you need to master product research, product testing, and all that jazz… and for most people, that can take weeks or months…
You need to be able to do your product RESEARCH fast… that’s why we’ll show you some of the stuff that’s selling hot right now, and what “flies off the shelf” during the holidays season.
So you can “skip” the typical learning curve most go through.
Again, my goal here is to eliminate as much of the guesswork and potential points of failure on your end.
In this entire section, we’ll of course show you the templates we use, and how we build out our pages quickly on Shopify, while maintaining high conversions.
It’s not that hard when you know exactly what to do…
Once it’s all built, tested, and we’re seeing some positive results, then comes my favorite part…

The Science of Scaling Products From Zero to $1,000 Per Day and Beyond…

Yes, because scaling is a science.
A very simple one when you understand the formula you’re going to learn during the 2-day intensive.
Again, most people take months, and flush money down the drain with all these unnecessary experiments…
They are confused because the GURUS they follow have conflicting information.
So rather than confuse you further, we’ll be sharing with you the EXACT workflow we use for running my own e-commerce stores!
It’s the same one that I only share with my consulting clients who pay me $15,000 per month for my time… or my super high end clients who make $100,000 per day with my proven, proprietary scaling system.
You having my exact “Facebook Ads Scaling Workflow” is like having a treasure map in your possession…
I’m dead serious.
It’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to legally printing money.
…Because that’s how profitable E-commerce can be!
Just think about it for a second…
What would YOU DO if you had a proven formula… that for every $1 you put in, you could get $2-$5 back, or more?
That’s exactly what you’ll be getting here… if you SHOW UP and follow the instructions that we’ll show you during the 2-day event.

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