[EXECUTIVE] Ted McGrath – Marketing Masters Map [WORTH: $99]

What is Ted McGrath – Marketing Masters Map?

You need to get some revenue flowing fast. Problem is…it seems like there are a million ways to create revenue with your business online. They all take time and you simply don’t know which method to choose or where to devote your attention. You may have even heard how you need a sales funnel, but honestly that just sounds incredibly complicated.

Let me simplify this for you.

You need to get revenue flowing fast for two reasons:
Your own peace of mind that what you’re building is worth it
To fund your advertising dollars online so you can continue to grow your business

Cool thing is…

  • A sales funnel will do that for you. A simple sales funnel will:
  • Create a steady flow of leads
  • Create cash flow
  • Fund your advertising online (paid traffic)
  • Get your product in front of more people
  • Start creating a relationship with potential customers (while you are sleeping)
  • Increase your average sale automatically

What will you learn in Marketing Masters Map?

  1. How to design a high-converting opt-in page
  2. My 7 Step Framework for Creating Awesome Videos (easily)
  3. How to Create a Simple Product that Sells.

You don’t have to spend weeks working through this either – you can actually get a working funnel up and running within a week. So many people get bogged down in the idea that they have to create a complicated product or people won’t buy, but the reality is – simple works best in your starting sales funnel. I have the numbers to back it. My company grows by thousands of new customers every year just from my first simple sales funnel alone.

I’m going to ask you to put blinders on for a moment and focus on one simple funnel.

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