[EXECUTIVE] Ramit Sethi – Double Engine Growth [WORTH: $5,997]

What is Double Engine Growth?

The Double Engine Strategy is the driving strategy behind the rapid and lasting success of IWT and GrowthLab. It details exactly what to focus on — and what to ignore — to unlock high-growth in your business.

We have spent years of effort and millions of dollars testing dozens and dozens of growth strategies. We know what’s hype, what’s not worth the effort, what’s a dead end — and most important, we know what works.
The Double Engine Strategy works. And this is the only place you can learn how to apply it to your business.

Double Engine Growth is our brand-new, advanced course designed specifically for growth-focused, 6-figure CEOs of online information product businesses.

Everything in this program — from the Double Engine Strategy to the in-depth case studies to the very structure of the course — is built for 6-figure business CEOs.

What do you learn with Double Engine Growth?

Module: The Double Engine Strategy

  • Day in the life of a high-growth, 8-figure CEO. How does your calendar compare?
  • 3 Growth CEO Mindsets to internalize right now
  • The Double Engine Strategy — propel your business forward with the two (and only two) things in an online business capable of driving real growth

Module: Your Product Engine

  • Our Growth Playbook — Do these things, in this order, at this frequency, at these price points and your business will grow for the next 10 years. Forget about everything else.
  • How to balance your business for growth and stability
  • A detailed breakdown of the 3 pillars of a healthy Product Engine — what they are, how they work and common mistakes businesses make
  • The highest converting sales channel (no other sales channel comes even close)
  • How many products you’ll need for a stable 7-figure business
  • My map for a “perfect” product business
  • The most important long-term priority of any serious online business (get this right and you’ll have a solid business)
  • The strategic evergreen decision that will get you 90% of the results with a fraction of the effort, cost, and time
  • The two major downsides to evergreen revenue that no one talks about — and what to do about them
  • The strategic challenges most CEOs miss when they start subscription programs
  • How to decide which advice will grow your business (and which to ignore)

Module: Your Lead Engine

  • A Hustling Strategy vs A Lead Engine — pros, cons, traps, and when and how to use each to grow your business
  • The psychological quirk that blocks most CEOs from growth
  • How to pick the optimal lead channel for your business — There are dozens of options … which is right for you?
  • The 3 reasons why if you want a true Lead Engine, you need to build it one channel at a time
  • How to properly diversify your traffic sources (most people get this wrong)
  • How to build your Lead Engine, step-by-step
  • Thinking about getting really serious about affiliates? I’ll show you what that looks like
  • Our 10-step strategy for building an SEO Lead Engine
  • How to handle setbacks, confusion, mistakes, and challenges while building your Lead Engine. (These will happen. Here’s how to handle them like a CEO.)

Module: Your Team

  • Your On-Demand Team vs Your Core Team: How and when to strategically make the leap
  • The 3 different types of work — and how much to focus on each as your business grows
  • The two critical hires that generate true growth for your business
  • How to spot Delusional Delegating and keep it from derailing your growth
  • The 5 levels of delegation — see what you should expect as you build your core team
  • The productivity shift that separates $100k solopreneurs from $1M CEOs
  • How to avoid the trap of “playing CEO”
  • How to “stress-test” your current calendar — are you spending your time wisely or wasting it on the wrong things?
  • The 3-sentence email script that saved me hours each week
  • How CEOs build flexibility for when things go wrong
  • Profit margin guidelines at your level of growth — when does it make sense to invest in your business vs wait?
  • How to use my Blocking Strategy to double your effectiveness

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