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Direct Response Copywriting Course

What is Direct Response Copywriting Course:

Copywriting is the art & science of writing words that SELL. And no matter what your digital marketing specialty is, we all have to “sell” something! Media buyers & traffic acquisition specialists have to “sell the click” in their ad copy… Email marketers have to “sell the open” in their subject lines… Even content marketers have to “sell an idea” in every blog post! This is why it’s essential for EVERY digital marketing professional to have strong copywriting skills.

Copywriting is like dribbling a basketball. If you play basketball, it’s ESSENTIAL that you know how to dribble—no matter what position you play. The same is true of marketers and copywriting. The good news is that the principles of persuasion are the same no matter what you’re working on. The techniques you use to write a high-converting sales page are the same techniques that will help you write better-performing ads, blog posts, emails, and so on. And when you look at it that way, you start to realize that copywriting does a lot more than just improve conversions… From generating awareness and building engagement to fostering excitement and turning customers into active promoters of your business, copywriting plays a HUGE role in EVERY single step of the Customer Journey.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Direct Response Copywriting Course now!

When you become certified in Direct Response Copywriting Course Mastery, you’ll realize:

  • Why SEQUENCE may be the most underrated aspect of copywriting & salesmanship, and how to leverage this little-known concept to make sure you deliver the right message at the right time to maximize sales…
  • How to use the metaphor of “The 4-Legged Stool” to consistently create powerful, well-balanced promotions…
  • The secret of “The Big Idea,” and how this simple concept can transform an average promotion into a compelling piece of sales copy that keeps readers riveted…
  • Learn how to dramatize your product’s benefits through the power of story, using the same 5-step system employed by one of the world’s top professional copywriters…
  • How to identify your prospect’s core buying emotion, and write a promotion that triggers their deepest desires with hard-hitting copy that SELLS…
  • What “The 4 U’s” are, and how to use them to write headlines that will grab your prospect’s attention and make them eager to read more…
  • Get our “Master Copywriting Checklist” with 36 essential copywriting secrets from the world’s top “A-List” copywriters…
  • How to quickly determine your prospect’s awareness level and use it to write copy that grabs attention and speaks directly to “the conversation in their head”…
  • Download the “Buyer Persona Worksheet” and learn how to create an in-depth psychological buyer persona just like the pros (HINT: once you get this right, it’s easy to find the right messages to talk about in your copy!)…
  • Learn how to conduct research like a pro with our “Copywriting Mastery Research Checklist” (hint: this is an essential component of writing a breakout salespage)…
  • The “3 Rules of Selling” that all copywriters should have taped to their computer monitor…
  • Download our “Hall-of-Fame Swipe File of Classic Sales Letters” so you can “steal” the best secrets from 100 years of tested, proven sales promotions and apply them to your projects…
  • Learn how to structure effective copy for ANY company or industry, with show-and-tell samples from ecommerce, B2B, B2C, service companies, nonprofits, and more…
  • What “copywriting osmosis” is, and how to use this incredibly powerful technique to go from Copywriting Newb to Marketing Master faster than you ever thought possible (many of the world’s most successful copywriters swear by this technique)…
  • Banish “blank page syndrome” forever with 15 practical worksheets, checklists, and slide decks that make it easy to get started writing ANY type of copy you need…
  • How to apply “The Power of One” to strengthen the impact of every testimonial on your website…
  • Learn the 6 types of “Direct” and “Indirect” leads that will draw readers into your copy and get prospects hooked on your message…
  • Discover how to use the “Before & After Grid” to capitalize on your prospects’ desire for transformation in order to create messaging that speaks to their deepest wants and needs…
  • Get time-tested tips to create a stronger sense of urgency in your copywriting…so that your prospects won’t just want to buy, they’ll NEED to buy NOW!
  • The counterintuitive reason why you should almost always DELETE your first paragraph of copy! (This revelation will shock you…)
  • The secret to structuring an effective sales argument that turns skeptical readers into eager buyers (HINT: you need the right combination of logical + emotional appeal so your prospects can convince themselves to buy your product)…
  • What the “Breath Test” is, and how to use this simple technique to easily identify any sentence that is too long for your prospects to understand…
  • How to make sure your copy “rings true” for your prospect, so you always sound credible and believable (hint: watch out for those superlatives!)…
  • What a “false close” is, and how & when to use this advanced copywriting tactic to convince prospects who are “on the fence” that they need to open up their wallet and buy your product NOW…
  • And much more…

What does the Direct Response Copywriting Course Include?

Module 1:

Start Here – Copywriting Defined

Lesson 1: From the Instructor

Lesson 2: Copywriting and the Value Journey

Lesson 3: What is Copywriting

Lesson 4: 3 Fundamental Rules of Selling

Lesson 5: Defining the Prospect

Lesson 6: Connecting with the Prospect

Lesson 7: The Big Idea, The Power of One

Lesson 8: Research Overview

Lesson 9: Secret Simple Formula for a Successful Sales Letter

Lesson 10: Recap: Everything You Already Know!

Module 2:

Diving Deeper Into Effective Copywriting

Lesson 1: The Theory of Resistance

Lesson 2: Write Like You Talk

Lesson 3: The Secret of Writing With Passion

Lesson 4: The Power of Stories

Lesson 5: Find Your Voice

Lesson 6: Writing Your Story

Module 3:

What is Your Copy Really Selling?

Lesson 1: It’s All About The Benefits

Lesson 2: The Future Benefit

Lesson 3: Lead Magnet Checklist

Lesson 4: Deeper Benefits

Lesson 5: Your Unique Selling Proposition

Module 4:

Persuading Your Prospect

Lesson 1: Connecting With Your Prospect

Lesson 2: Myth of “You”

Lesson 3: The Principle of Intimacy

Lesson 4: Power Emotions

Lesson 5: 4 Examples of Core Buying Emotions in Copy

Lesson 6: The Golden Thread

Lesson 7: The 4-Legged Stool

Module 5:

Anatomy of a Successful Sales Promotion

Lesson 1: Headlines

Lesson 2: Leads

Lesson 3: The Sales Argument

Lesson 4: The Close

Lesson 5: Guarantees

Lesson 6: The P.S.

Lesson 7: The Secret of Transupstantiation

Lesson 8: Putting it Together

Module 6:

Copywriting Secrets from the Masters

Lesson 1: Copywriting Secrets 1-10

Lesson 2: Copywriting Secrets 11-20

Lesson 3: Copywriting Secrets 21-30

Lesson 4: Copywriting Secrets 21-30

Lesson 5: The End & Getting Certified

Download Direct Response Copywriting Course by Pam Foster and get certified today!

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