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What is Mike Paul – Local Startup Funding Formula

Fellow Consultant … imagine being the ‘Go To’ guy or gal new business owners seek out for funding to get their fledgling businesses off the launch pad. And imagine they’re so desperate for the service you provide it virtually sells itself.

But there’s a reason this market is not already well served. It’s far easier to find lenders who want to lend to established businesses, because they’re perceived to be less risky.

You may be asking how I know this?

Years ago while working as a fledgling Banker for a major financial institution… I was wet-behind the ears, but had one thing going for me…. I was new and hungry.

So I was more than willing to blindly do what my superiors told me I should do… “Go downtown and knock on local businesses’ doors.” – Have you heard this before?

I quickly found that these business owners were hit with my offering by multiple other vulture consultants on the same day! Bad news for me, but it forced me to find out a way to bypass all the competition and only speak with the ones who were not approached yet.

What will you learn with Local Startup Funding Formula?

  • Why startup businesses are actually easier to approach than established ones.
  • The huge barrier would-be entrepreneurs face – and how you can profit handsomely by providing the solution.
  • Why business consulting is the perfect profession (provided you bring home the bacon).
  • The nuts and bolts of a typical deal. You’ll be amazed how simple it all is!
  • The simple secret to becoming your lender’s ‘favorite broker’.– and how you can profit handsomely by doing these 2 things…
  • How preparing your clients will ensure deals proceed as smoothly as silk.
  • Choosing the right lenders (and why some lenders aren’t what they claim to be – and why this is actually beneficial for you).
  • Three dynamic startup lending Partners who will pay you generous commissions, like clockwork.
  • How the average commission lenders pay starts at about $1,500 and could rise a lot higher, depending on the size of the loan.
  • Your ‘Secret Weapon’ to locate start ups ripe for targeting (definitely no cold calling needed – ever!).
  • The covert two-number key hardly anyone knows about (which you might already possess) which unlocks a treasure trove of new business owner listings – completely free of charge.
  • Exactly what to say to make it a slam dunk for you to fix appointments with the most qualified prospects.
  • How to outsource your lead generation. Perfect if you’re still treading the hated nine-to-five job treadmill.

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