[EXECUTIVE] Kimra Luna – The Challenge Launch Method And Irresistible Freebies [WORTH: $200]

What is The Challenge Launch Method And Irresistible Freebies?

The Challenge Launch Method is an 8-lesson, step-by-step, watch-over-my-shoulder course for anyone who wants to learn a foolproof method that will skyrocket the sales of their products, programs and services.

What do you get with The Challenge Launch Method?

What is a challenge launch?

  • How to find out what your ideal clients and customers want and need.
  • How to decide which challenge you should help your ideal clients solve first.
  • How to determine the best way to deliver your free content based on your ideal client’s preferences.

Challenge Launch Essentials

  • The real reason challenge launches are so effective.
  • Why it’s important to begin with an end in mind.
  • The big picture overview of how your challenge launch will go down.

Cultivating Pre-Launch Buzz

  • How to strategically plan your challenge launches and acquire as much publicity as possible.
  • How to reverse-engineer interest for your next launch with all the content you create.
  • The importance of making yourself visible and accessible throughout your launch.

Creating Your Challenge Content & Sales Funnel

  • How to plan out, organize and create content for each day of your challenge.
  • Know all the elements that need to be in your sales funnel.
  • Design and create your launch webinar.

Promoting Your Challenge

  • Create a plan for promoting your challenge with Facebook ads.
  • Best practices for promoting your challenge using Facebook groups hosted by others as well as your own.
  • Email marketing and social media tips and tricks to get the word out fast.

Hosting a Successful Challenge

  • How to pull off a challenge that people will be raving about for weeks and months to come.
  • What you need to do every single day to prime your challengers and turn them into your next customers and clients.
  • How to effectively transition your challenge from serving to selling.

Sealing the Deal

  • How to kick off your launch with a webinar to promote your product, program or service.
  • How to incentivise your challengers to take fast action by building additional benefits into your offer.
  • Tech tips to help you boost your sales conversion.

Evaluating Your Success

  • How to analyze your challenge, learn from your personal experience and do better next time.
  • How to get to the root of why people decided not to buy.
  • How to gather social proof for your challenge that you can use to promote it next time around.

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