[EXECUTIVE] Kelly Felix – Underestimated [WORTH: $297]

What is Underestimated?

We ultimately did $50 million in sales (and counting)… And eventually we were approached by multiple companies, looking to acquire our entire business.

It was a great run, but after 3 years we were absolutely ready for a vacation! So after a lot of careful thought, we agreed to sell the business, accept a nice payday, and take a much needed break.

But then something interesting happened… Over time, we began to receive comments from friends, family, and even other marketers (including a few famous gurus who we looked up to)…

They were asking us how we created such a successful business in such a short period of time. So I decided that the easiest way to share how we did it, would be to record a detailed video series about every step we took…

From zero to $50 million, everything in between, all the way to being acquired. Complete with detailed walkthroughs from A to Z.

What do you get in Kelly Felix – Underestimated?

Part 1
A 10 video series covering EXACTLY how I created and ultimately scaled “Credit Secrets” to $50 million, starting with just a 19 page ebook. All of the good decisions, but more importantly all of the mistakes and critical lessons learned.

This was our winning infomercial…

Part 2
Ongoing Weekly Videos detailing every aspect of me creating 3 new products, 3 new websites, sales funnels and even infomercials, all from scratch.

Follow along in real-time.

Download Kelly Felix – Underestimated


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