[EXECUTIVE] Keith Krance – Facebook Ads University Elite 2019 [WORTH: $1,118]

What is Facebook Ads University Elite?

Leveraging the power of the FB Ads University Elite Online Training Programs like Facebook Momentum for beginners, or Perpetual Traffic Flight Plan Advanced FB Ads for experienced marketers & agencies, the Dynamic Diagnostic System smart knowledge base , while enjoying On-Going Support & Updates from the Facebook Advertising Experts who have overseen $100 MILLION in Ad Spend in 50+ industries…

What do you get with Facebook Ads University Elite?

  • “Facebook Momentum” Course – ALL 3 Tracks FREE: Local, Digital, and eCommerce FREE. (Normally $697)
  • Private Elite Facebook Community…
  • Live Weekly Calls (Thursday 12pm Pacific)…
  • Live Updates on Facebook & Instagram Strategies & Tactics from the DWM Team,…
  • Dynamic Diagnostic System™ (DDS™) to help you stay focused implementing just your biggest needle movers
  • Long Copy Ad & Messenger Implementation Sprints…
  • And MUCH More..

Download Keith Krance – Facebook Ads University Elite 2019?


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