[EXECUTIVE] Funnel Bots – Bastian Ernst ~ Learn about Multi-Channel Funnels! [WORTH: $500]

What is Funnel Bots?

This will teach you how you can use the power of multi-channel funnels using real time message with bots and connect with your emails to follow up too. Definitely an interesting course that you should take a look if you’re into selling stuff online. It may not even be about selling stuff as the point of a funnel is to get the audience to do something favourable for you. So take a look!

Why you should join Funnel Bots?

Bot-Based Sales Funnel

Establish A Relationship & Build Trust Via FB Messenger
Nurture Cold Leads And Turn Them Into Paying Customers

Engagement Increase

Funnel Bots Are An Unique Way To Build Relationships Online
Higher Engagement Means Higher Conversion Rates & More Sales

Stop Hunting Customers

Reduce Your Time Spent On Customer Acquisition & Nurturing
Free Up Your Time To Serve Clients Better & Generate More Revenue

Save Time & Energy

Stop Figuring Stuff Out Yourself. Use Our Templates & Processes
We Have A Help Center In Place To Answer Your Questions

Step-By-Step Instructions

33 Videos That Walk You Through The Entire Process (Start To Finish)
The Fastest Way To Set Up Your Own Bot In Just A Few Days

First-Mover Advantage​​​​​​

Bots Are Not Worn-Out Yet. Use That To Your Advantage
Implement Early & Be Ahead Of Your Competition

What is included in Funnel Bots?

  • 33 Training Videos
  • Mastermind Access
  • Help Center
  • 1 Year Updates
  • [Pro] Lessons

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