[EXECUTIVE] Erza Firestone – eCommerce All-Stars 2017 [WORTH: $697]

ecommerce all-stars 2017

What is eCommerce All-Stars 2017 about?

This is basically an event where you get to network around with as the title mentions: All Stars in the eCommerce industry. These range from small sole proprietors starting up their eCommerce Stores to people selling on online store platforms such as Shopify. These people are all experts at what they are doing and by joining this event, you’ll be able to network with them.

So what is this for you might ask? It’s basically a recording with all these all stars where they share their insight and knowledge in the eCommerce battleground. If you’re new or just starting out, this might be a good point for you to learn some interesting gold nuggets or two. They will also discuss business strategies deployed on their own personal eCommerce Websites.

What does eCommerce All-Stars 2017 Include?

  1. 2-day access to eCommerce ALL-STARS.
  2. My traffic campaigns, conversion funnels, retention strategies and behavioral automation.
    The latest on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.
  3. My all-star guest lineup (to be announced) – specialists on business strategy, Facebook, conversion optimization, search marketing, and more!

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