[EXECUTIVE] Danny Margulies – Freelance Copywriter Course [WORTH: $1,200]

What is Danny Margulies – Freelance Copywriter Course

Today, I’m excited to share my proven system for writing copy that can help you earn $50+/hr, $125+/hr, and even $10,000+/month and more. This system is designed to show you the EXACT steps for turning out great copy that converts — from before you type a single word, to the MOMENT you send the final copy to the client, and EVERYTHING in between.

What will you learn in Freelance Copywriter Course?

  • Practical, step-by-step systems for writing REAL copy. I’ll show you EXACTLY how I write high-converting copy clients love — consistently and predictably. No more flying by the seat of your pants, staring at a blank screen not knowing what to write or wondering if your copy is good enough.
  • Advanced strategies, tactics, and frameworks. Get access to my personal frameworks and tools even most pros don’t know about. You’ll learn everything you need to know to write anything from landing page copy, to emails, video scripts, and much more.
  • Tons of real-life examples and demonstrations. I’ll show you lots of examples of real copy, including what I’ve written for actual paying clients. From my notes, to my rough drafts, to my polished final copy, you’ll go behind the scenes and see EVERYTHING I do to go from start to finish on a project.
  • FREELANCER-SPECIFIC tools, techniques, and approaches. Everything in Freelance Copywriter’s Code was designed only for freelancers, by a freelancer with a front-line, in-the-trenches reputation for writing high-converting copy.
  • Word-for-word scripts, cheat sheets, and templates. From little-known “magic” questions to ask clients, to the exact words to use when you deliver your copy, to effortlessly writing great headlines in seconds — and much, much more — we’ve thought of EVERYTHING, and we’ve got you covered.
  • Advanced conversion strategies. I’ll show you how anyone can write copy that gets RESULTS, so you can charge more, raise your value to clients, and feel like a confident professional in any situation.

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