[EXECUTIVE] Danilo Lee – Prosperity Lead Gen 3-day Live Event [WORTH: $674]

What is Prosperity Lead Gen 3-Day Live?

Shouldn’t you follow the same process for your source of income?

You know how to make money, but sustainability is your issue. The big players in lead generation have made it by researching the marketplace, building an infrastructure, finding the right people to execute the vision, and using expertise to strengthen market position within an industry.

Most importantly, they learn how to step away from daily business operations to focus on cash flow and positioning for a future acquisition.

What will you learn in this event?

  • Fundamentals of leading a leadgen company
  • How to run a team
  • Explore the art of pitching your company’s service/product
  • Step up your copywriting skills
  • Finding and negotiating new offers
  • Loosely wireframe/design a landing page
  • Using conversion rate optimization tools
  • Google, Snapchat, Facebook, etc insights
  • Staying up to date with legal changes
  • Finding financing for campaigns
  • Valuating and selling your business

Download Danilo Lee – Prosperity Lead Gen 3-day Live Event


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