[EXECUTIVE] Cat Howell – Rapid fire Empire [WORTH: $1,297]

What is Cat Howell – Rapid fire Empire?

The industry is BOOMING! But here’s the thing, most people won’t show you what it actually takes to make it – why? Because they’re trying to sell you into their own programs knowing full well that success requires a foundation very few are prepared to invest their time and resources in.

How do I know?

When I first decided to launch an online program I took every course out there and followed all the strategies – so I was completely deflated when I did finally launch (after having invested almost $14K) and barely made $1K. I took matters into my own hands and relaunched again using my own methods – this time, I cracked $30K in a week and have since gone on to make just shy of $4Million in under a year and a half and have grown a community of over 40,000 people!

The best part? I had ZERO followers, no logo and no website when I did my launch!

So trust me – successful launches have ZERO to do with your audience size and pretty branding and everything to do with basic direct response principles.

What will you learn in Cat Howell – Rapid fire Empire?

  • EXACT strategy I used to grow my FB Groups and how to build your own followers FAST
  • The 4 steps to launch – most people miss steps 1&3 here, which is the mistake I did at the beginning as well
  • How to choose the right structure, pricing and funnel for your program so that you have maximum chances of success
  • How to build a double tripwire self liquidating funnel that pays for all the ad spend so that your sales are pure profit
  • Behind the scenes access to my funnels and business and how I have structured things – from support crew through to pricing and the software tools used
  • How to build & manage your programs in a way that DOESN’T tie you up into another 50+ hour workweek – including how to manage your groups
  • BONUS mindset wealth strategies & challenge to help you get out of the money issues and up level to seven figures

Who is Rapid Fire Empire for?

IMPORTANT – This program will ONLY work for those that know how to solve a specific problem or are an expert in a specific field. This is NOT going to work for those that literally have never solved a problem in a way that is replicable to others. Meaning, if you are looking for biz opportunities but are not an expert, investing in this training (unless you are doing this to help your coaching clients) will be a waste of your money.

Rapid Fire Empire would also suit FB Marketers or agency owners that work with experts to help them improve the results for their clients.

Download Cat Howell – Rapid fire Empire


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