[EXECUTIVE] Brad Martineau – Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience [WORTH: $295]

What is Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience?

“Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience” is our brand new, 1-Day, go at your own pace, online workshop that shows you exactly how to ascend your new customers into repeat customers and, eventually, raving fans of your brand…

Basically, it’s all about putting money in your bank account (yes please) using advanced marketing automation strategies to build relationships with your customers, set proper expectations, and drive sales.

What will you learn in Automate Your Customer Onboarding Experience?

  • A fully customized, automated new customer onboarding campaign that converts more new customers into repeat buyers (and literally makes you money while you sleep).
  • The one page, “12-Point Onboarding & Automation Audit” that grades every facet of your onboarding process…from Welcome Email to your “How-to-Get-the-Most” Video.
  • BONUS: 2 “bolt-on” fill-in-the-blank welcome email templates that you can attach to your customer onboarding welcome email series to make the most of your first impression.

Workshop breakdown:

Part 1: Marketing Automation: 101

Most people have a very narrow view of what “Marketing Automation” actually is… and how it can affect their business. In part 1 you’ll learn exactly what Marketing Automation is… and (more importantly) what it isn’t by looking at prime examples of the key components of a successful customer onboarding campaign.

Part 2: Designing Your Onboarding Campaign

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step plan for quickly outlining your entire new customer onboarding campaign that aligns your brand with your new customer and makes a strong first impression…

Because that’s exactly what the Onboarding Series is… it’s your ONE and only shot to make a strong first impression, connect with your new customer and stand out in their mind for the foreseeable future.

Part 3: Building Your New Customer Onboarding Experience

Using SixthDivision’s proven, fill-in-the-blank templates for crafting Welcome emails and videos, we’ll take you step-by-step through the entire process of building a new customer onboarding campaign that sets expectations and demonstrates the value of your brand. Basically, we show you how to take those new customers and convert them to repeat buyers…and eventually, brand evangelists.

Part 4: Optimize Your Customer Onboarding Campaign

Starting with your Welcome Email to your introductory video, you’ll take your newly built onboarding campaign and fine tune it to the standards of one of Marketing Automation’s leading experts… And he’ll be there to help you every step of the way. This is where having a true expert in the field comes into play. You’ll finish this workshop with a fully customized customer onboarding campaign that will set the tone for your business’ future growth.

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