[EXECUTIVE] Anissa Holmes – Business Acceleration Bootcamp [WORTH: $997]

What will you learn in Anissa Holmes – Business Acceleration Bootcamp?

  • Session 1: Vision, Mission Core Values: setting your goals and getting your TEAM on board to grow the practice
  • Session 2: Creating Your 90 Day Plan
  • Session 3: Profit and Time Mastery: reverse engineering production goals and creating a solid strategy so everyone knows what to do
  • Session 4: Systems and KPI’s: choose and create the systems that matter most
  • Session 5: Money Mastery: How to set your fees and put in systems for predictable PROFIT
  • Session 6: Verbal skills training to get your patients to say YES!
  • Session 7: Intro to IDS
  • Session 8: Setting up strategic partnerships

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