[EXECUTIVE] Ajit Nawalkha – Beyond [WORTH: $497]

A REALLY interesting course to read and go through. It explains and teaches you the ‘CEO Effect’ very well.

What is Beyond?

Beyond is an in-depth training program for coaches who want to leverage the power of their personality to create effective marketing that stays true to who they are… whilst building a coaching business that creates long-term, sustainable results.

I called this program Beyond, because it’s an easy-to-grasp framework that takes you to a deeper level of transformation where you get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had…. giving you the insights and breakthroughs you need to achieve real, lasting transformation in your marketing and move from “good” and mediocre to absolutely nailing your marketing and sales.

Beyond is not for you if you….

  • just want to make a quick buck online and don’t really care about your coaching clients or how you serve them
  • aren’t interested in transcending beyond the pushy old marketing tactics – no matter if they feel good and true to you or not
  • are not willing to go deep and explore yourself, your gifts and your personality on a whole new dimension
  • don’t think that learning human psychology and understanding the way we connect is valuable and are not willing to open up to new ways of marketing your coaching business

Beyond is absolutely right for you if you…

  • want to transcend beyond the pushy 5-step marketing tactics that don’t feel good and achieve mediocre results
  • are ready to master your message, your communication and the aspects of human psychology that allow you to build meaningful connections with your ideal clients and create an impact beyond what you’ve experienced so far
  • want to be authentic, memorable and stand out from the crowd without having to pretend that you’re perfect or someone you’re not… but by leveraging who you are and what you stand for
  • don’t want to sacrifice your values and beliefs to make money but want to feel good and truly create a positive impact in this world – long-term
  • envision your coaching business growing not just over the next 3 months, but over years and decades to come without being forgotten and ignored once the hype fades away

What will you learn in Beyond?

Trust and Connection
In this module, I’ll take you through an implementable system with various psychological triggers that will help you stay authentically connected with your clients.

  • The theory of possibility that allows you to take your prospects on an irresistible journey
  • The counter-intuitive concept of intervention and how it will create a long-term connection with your audience
  • Why authenticity is crucial for your marketing and how to implement it in your business practice
  • How to get clarity on your company’s long-term vision and how to share it with your audience to build connection and trust
  • The most powerful way to put ideas into the world and share your own story to connect

Triggers of Influence
In this module, you’ll learn some of the influence triggers you can use in your sales marketing take your business to the next level.

  • Why the principle of commitment is key to following through and delivering, and how to use it in your business
  • How to be consistent in your packaging, branding and messaging to create a cohesive experience for your clients
  • How to get your prospects to take action without being pushy, salesy or feeling like a douchebag
  • Why easing the mind of worried prospects is important and how to use scarcity and authority in a way that feels true to you

Market Sophistication
In this Module, you’ll learn the different levels of market sophistication including YOUR level of market sophistication and how you can use it to communicate with your audience.

  • How to become the #1 choice in your market, no matter how tough the competition is
  • The science behind crafting the perfect marketing angle that’s in alignment with your personality, values and beliefs and how to implement it in your business

Understanding Personalities
Understanding consumer’s personality traits and creating a targeted marketing strategy towards these groups has the potential to revolutionize any business – discover how!

  • The questions you need to ask yourself to identify WHO you’re serving and how to best communicate with your prospects
  • Different personality types and how to leverage each of them to position yourself as the authority in your field

You Are Your Greatest Marketing Story
In this module, you will learn the advanced concepts that you should use in your marketing to grow your business.

  • How to create a great storyline for yourself to become a better marketer and achieve epic positioning with your audience
  • The #1 key factor in building a great character in order to communicate impactfully with your audience
  • The 4 polarities model and how to use it to make the most out of your personality for your marketing
  • How to find, leverage and craft your personal story to build trust, memorability and connection

Sales Paradigms
In this segment, you’ll learn a proven framework for having effective sales conversations that feel good.

  • The Conversation Containers Model and how to implement it to ensure impactful communication with your audience
  • How to take your client on an unforgettable journey using the Story Sales Model instead of pushy, old-school tactics
  • How to sell with integrity and authenticity and never again experience the awkward sales moment

Ecosystem Principles
In this Module, you’ll discover the principles that allow you to create consistent results and how to use them for each segment of your marketing ecosystem.

  • The most common mistake that most entrepreneurs make when generating leads and the strategy to avoid it
  • Why everybody is NOT your prospect and how to dominate a specific space in your industry through targeted marketing
  • How to meet your prospects where they’re at so that they listen to you and are open to hearing more
  • How to create results-based training that builds trust and makes your audience fall in love with you and your method
  • The sales sequence that pulls people in instead of pushing them away and how to create a hook that works for your business

Simplified Online Ecosystem
In this segment, you’ll learn systems and structures that you can utilize to build your online eco-system.

  • Why webinars are one of the most profitable ways to increase your revenue including the framework and step-by-step instructions to create and deliver a successful webinar
  • The different webinar formats and how to use and identify when to use which most effectively
  • How to craft a marketing calendar and a business matrix that work for you
  • The journey model and how to leverage micro-content to create an extraordinary experience for your prospects
  • Your 90 day lead or sales generation plan and how to execute it step by step

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