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What is FB Realtor Raider – Luther Landro?

Facebook Realtor Raider is a complete Facebook marketing business in a box, allowing consultants to earn $500… $2,000… Even as much as $5,000 each and every month offering this service to realtors.

Take a look at what you are getting in this Facebook marketing business in a box: First, you’re getting my famous ‘Raider’ checklists that breaks down this entire business into easy to follow, step by step instructions. My ‘raider’ series have been the best selling and best-reviewed products that I’ve ever released. Customers from all walks of life are seeing results.

What will you learn inside FB Realtor Raider?

  • How to run this business discreetly in your spare time – With no cost out of pocket you can get started today. No one has to know about your new venture as a consultant until after the first payment arrives in your bank account.
  • How to get paid extra for exclusive deals with local realtors – You can collect a surcharge on all your fees when you agree to only work with one realtor per location. Not only will this bring in extra cash every month, but the fear of their competitor hiring you also creates urgency making realtors hire you faster, and locking you into long-term contracts.
  • The ‘Low-Hanging-Fruit’ formula that uncovers the most receptive realtors – I’ve been closing 1 in 5 realtors found with a simple ‘client search formula’ that only returns the realtors who are actively looking for help, have the money to spend, and will close quickly.
  • How to find the best areas to target – It’s important to target the right areas that have the highest home values and where lots of houses are being sold fast. This can make or break a campaign, picking the right area can mean having 3 times the responsiveness of the wrong one.
  • The lead sources I use to get a response from realtors in minutes with my offer – Realtors are waiting by their inbox for a message and will respond instantly when you contact them through the right channel.
  • The ‘try me out’ rebuttal that works for 80% of client objections – I use the same rebuttal to every objection a client throws at me… No more fumbling your words or having to think/look up a response to send when they get back to you with an objection.
  • Full video walkthrough of Facebook’s Real Estate Listing Service ranking – Follow along with the included guide every time you need to list a client’s properties on Facebook to get it done properly everytime. Go into every email, phone call, or meeting with clinets confident you can deliver on this service AND rank their listings above all other competitors.
  • How to use ‘sunk cost’ selling to land $2,000/month ad management deals – Client’s will want to make the most of their Facebook listings and are paying up to $2,000 per month for ad and lead management services ( PLUS you’ll learn how to get them to pay $20,000 up front for a year’s service by offering 2 months free.)
  • How to target people looking to buy a home with Facebook ads – Facebook spies on the websites their users visit and can determine when someone is looking to buy a house based on visits to Zillow and other real estate sites. You can target these users with ads to generate cheap home buyer leads ( Pro Tip: Send them to the included mortgage calculator to pre-qualify them before they reach your client. Pre-qualified leads can sell for 3X the price of normal home buyer leads. )
  • How to set up custom audiences for your clients – 90% of business owners are NOT taking advantage of Facebook custom audiences… The most valuable traffic source in Facebook advertising. Generate custom audiences from their website, email list, even their competitor’s facebook pages and charge your clients extra monthly fees to compile the lists.
  • How to target competing real estate companies and steal their customers – Client’s LOVE when you use this strategy to target visitors of their competitor’s pages and steal away customers. ( Creates another incentive to hire you: So their competitor doesn’t hire you to steal their leads! )
  • Lead formula that generates real estate leads at $2 per lead – Learn all the tricks to generating dozens of leads per day in any area while keeping the lead cost below $2 per lead. These leads are selling for $10 to local realtors ( ALSO: Find out which types of leads are fetching $50 price tags and still only cost around $2 in ad sepnd to generate. )
  • How to get started generating leads with a budget of $5 per day – YOU can get started immediately spending only $5 per day to generate 2-3 leads per day. Why start generating leads BEFORE you have a client? Because the easiest way to land new clients is to GIVE AWAY leads. Think about it: No real esate agent would turn away free leads, and will keep coming back to you to buy more once they realize how valuable they are. Leads that do the selling for you… Not bad for $5 a day?

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