[GET] Accelerated Real Estate Leads System + OTO 1 [WORTH: $54]

What is Accelerated Real Estate Leads System about?

Inside the program you’ll get all the background information on the current massive problem within the real estate industry plus full step by step instructions on how to provide the simple solution that will have real estate agents practically begging you to allow them to be the only agent you deal with in their area.

What will you get with Accelerated Real Estate Leads?

  • How to load up with real estate agent’s details – for free – to start with
    And how to get all the real estate names you can handle – on a shoestring budget.
  • How to generate all the real estate agent inquiries you can handle
    The FREE method and FAST TRACK method (because your business needs leads just as much as a real estate agent).
  • Why my carefully crafted message the software sends the agent on autopilot will press all the right buttons,
    and how they will regard you as their ‘knight in shining armour’ come to rescue them from the wicked referral robber barons.
  • How to quickly convert those leads into clients delighted to pay you an ongoing monthly fee to receive top quality leads
    Because they will be pay you far LESS for far MORE superior quality leads, making it the easiest possible sale.
  • The battle-tested, powerfully compelling sales script
    you’ll use in your conversation with your prospect that will make them think you’re a fellow real estate professional (because folks buy more readily from people they feel are like them).
  • The equally persuasive scripts,
    crafted with the wisdom of my 13 years of selling homes, that will deliver a bumper harvest of home owner leads for your delighted clients.
  • The ‘take you by the hand’ videos…
    showing you every simple baby step in the whole process. So, pour a drink, sit back and watch as I show you exactly what to do so it will quickly become second nature.

What do you get for OTO 1?

  • Done-For-You Video Presentation
    Maybe you don’t like speaking to prospects? Just send the video to your future clients and let it do the talking. Agents who listen to it will not even know they have been hit by subliminal commands, tie-downs, and effective closing lines – all advanced selling techniques that you don’t have to learn.
  • Fillable Client Intake Form
    Did you know that most client relationships fail because you don’t know your clients needs before the project begins? A successful outcome begins with understanding your clients’ business – their needs, their goals, and their values. This Fillable PDF will answer all of these questions for you. Just send them the form and they will fill it out!
  • Client Concern Handlers
    Even though you’ll experience very little objections, there are a few concerns clients come up with. Years of experience have boiled those concerns into a few objection handlers. These few rebuttals will cover just about any concern from your clients. Imagine having the confidence to go into any business conversation knowing you have the answers.

Download Accelerated Real Estate Leads System


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