[GET] Craiglist Blueprint 2.0 (2018) ~ Become a Pro Poster in 2018! [WORTH: $97]

What is CL Master Blueprint 2.0?

With CL Master Blueprint 2.0, you will become a master at using the CL™ platform to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to any business that you want to! It’s basically a Craiglist Poster advertising course that gets your post more views! Definitely fantastic for those looking for arbitrage for their freelance business!

  • 20+ Easy to Follow Video Lessons
  • Post Nationally Without Limitations
  • Same Competitive Advantage As The Pro Posters
  • 100’s Of Live Ads Per Day
  • END Flagging

What is inside CL Master Blueprint 2.0?

  • Access to over 20 NEW video lessons
  • Learn why you’re being flagged and by who
  • Learn how to END your flagging issues
  • Learn how to add anti flag “armor” to your posts
  • Learn the deep secrets of the various algorithms
  • How to copy the pros without being banned
  • How to “NUKE” the listings
  • The secrets of mobile conversions
  • How to increase the volume of your ads by up to 5x
  • How to bypass the secret pattern recognition software
  • How to create content for MASS posting
  • “Break free” of your local restrictions and post nationally
  • Learn the secret to why you DONT NEED PROXIES
  • How to RISE to the top of the listings
  • The secrets of PINNING your ad to TOP
  • The ONLY working PVA solution left that I know of

Download Craiglist Blueprint 2.0 (2018):


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