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Webflow Masterclass

What is Webflow Masterclass?

The Webflow Difference

Because Webflow is not just a silly drag-n-drop tool, but actually a powerful development platform, it took me months to master and be able to build amazing websites in hours.
It does have some learning curve, because you need to learn how to THINK like a developer and use a proper process to turn your Sketch/XD designs to functional websites.
I’ve been so passionate about Webflow since I discovered it and tried to get every designer I know to use it, but most of them needed some help getting started and mastering it completely – which is why I’ve created this masterclass.

The Webflow masterclass will allow you to come with me, and follow my process step by step, shortcut your learning so you too can create amazing websites, charge thousands of Dollars for them, and get them done in hours (to the praise of your clients) .

What do you get with Webflow Masterclass?

  • Module 1 – Getting Started With Webflow
    How to get started, even if you have no experience with Webflow, HTML/CSS or designing for the web.
  • Module 2 – Structuring & Styling Principles
    Learn the way I think about building and styling in Webflow to make my process super efficient (hint – it’s not a standard BEM system)
  • Module 3 – Process Examples
    See how I work step by step, with real client work examples.
  • Module 4 – Content Management System – CMS
    How to work with Webflow’s powerful CMS (and work around current limitations)
  • Module 5 – Finalising & Delivering Websites
    Everything you need to do after the website is built to make sure your clients are happy, and the website is live.
  • Module 6 – Selling Webflow to clients
    How to understand you client’s concerns and explain the benefits of working with Webflow.
  • Module 7 – Advanced Interactions
    How to create a WOW effect to your website, without a sweat: scroll effects, popups and more.
  • Module 8 – Advanced Webflow Usecases
    How to extend Webflow beyond the normal use cases: adding code, prototyping products and building multi-language websites.

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