[EXECUTIVE] Michael Laurens – 7-Figure Agency Sales System [WORTH: $997]

7-Figure Agency Sales System

What is a 7-Figure Agency Sales System?

7-Figure Agency Sales Systems is a course and program specifically designed to take agency owners and online service providers from manual prospecting and wondering if this is ever going to work out, to have a very specific system in place which is going to allow you to generate 20 to 30 booked appointments every single day!

You’re going to get a step by step process to building out your prospecting, sales and fulfilment system, and building your sales team so that you can close clients while stepping away from your sales process.

What will you get inside this course?

You’re going to get 50+ video lessons that are going to walk you through, in detail, each phase of the setup of the system! From hiring new appointment setters and closers, automating your CRM and sales system and how to automate onboarding and delivering your service!

[Step 1] Hire Appt. Setters
Get your plug & play appt. setter on-boarding webinar and training portal so that you can hire commission based appointment setters on automating and fill your pipeline with 200 to 300 appointments every month!

[Step 2] Hire Professional Sales Reps
Get your plug & play onboarding and training portals for high-ticket phone closers so that you can have professionals close your deals for you, free up your time and confidently close 5 to 10 clients every month!

[Step 3] Automate Your CRM
In order to automate your entire sales system, so that you can step away from your sales process. The next thing we do is set up your CRM, all the necessary Zapier integrations and get set up your automated proposal and invoicing system.

[Step 4] Automate Your Fulfilment
In order to take away the stress of delivering results and bringing value the next that we are going to do is build out your VA training portals and automate your client on-boarding process with my client onboarding funnel

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