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What is Mark Webster – The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint?

The guys from Authority Hacker, Gael Breton and Mark Webster have come up with a course that will help you get a ton of links with minimal amount of effort. Although the “skyscraper method” terminology is not new, they have a unique approach and incorporate a “shotgun” method, meaning you’re going to blast out a ton of emails using software with a minimal amount of effort to get links.

White hat link building has notoriously been unscalable and that’s why a lot of people elected to stray away from it and rely on grey hat tactics. PBNs, spam, paid links, they are all easier to execute, and most importantly, you have more control over them. This changes today.

With our signature over-the-shoulder video lessons, you will get to see our entire system with excruciating, unmatched details. This is the same system we use on our own sites to take them from brand new $10 domains to high authority within just a few months. Using these techniques, you and your team will gain a deeper understanding of how the process runs with real life examples that you can replicate immediately on you or your client’s sites.

What are the seven modules of The Shotgun Skyscraper?

  • Shotgun SkyScraper 101
  • Keywords & Content
  • Gathering Prospects
  • Data Management
  • Initial Outreach
  • Negotiation
  • Advanced TacticsSOP’s and Job Descriptions

In this module you’ll get an intro into what this method is all about. Mark will walk you throgh the fundamentals of Shotgun Skyscraper link building, why it’s so good, who should use it, when and when not to use it and what the expectations and results should be.

When you compare it to guest posting, every guest post you do requires you to write brand new content which really adds up to time & money. With the Shotgun Skycraper technique, you’re able to get multiple links with just that one article.

Here, you will learn how to target the right keywords with the right content. One thing you need to keep in mind though, the keyword research that you are used to is not going to be the same with Shotgun Skyscraper keyword research. This is because you’re not trying to rank that content, we are going to build links to it.

The objective here is that you’re looking for “info” content where there’s tons of competition. In other words, we don’t really care if anyone is going to read our Shotgun Skyscraper content, it’s sole purpose is to acquire links to it.

There’s 3 sections in this module with the longest video at 33 minutes.

Here you will learn how to gather a list of prospects to contact. You’ll learn the most effective way to identify which sites to outreach to. These are sites that already link an an article about our topic – which is the Shotgun Skyscraper article that you will write for your site.

Again, ahrefs will be needed for this research. Although this research is rather labour intensive, they do provide SOP’s (standard operating procedures) which will help you scale this process fast.

In this module you’ll going to learn exactly what the title says – data management. If this is not done, when you start to scale things it will fall apart unless your data is stored properly. That’s what this module is all about and will show you just that.

You’ll get a quick intro to data management which will explain some of the nuances specifically with Shotgun Skyscraper.

There are 4 main data sheets that you need to keep which I will illustrate from the course content below. The master database is extremely important as you’ll need to check your new batch files against the master data base to ensure you aren’t outreaching to the same people over and over.

By the end of this module, you will have all four databases set up and working for your campaign. Each one of these has a separate video and text instruction, with the template available for download for each.

In this module you are going to send out your first campaign based on all the action you have taken so far.

You’re going to learn the proper email settings to ensure that you will obtain maximum delivery on your emails. You’ll also be taught proper subject lines and be provided with a number of outreach templates which can be customized.

You will be shown how to properly customize them and this is encouraged as it can make a greater impact.

The goal in this module is to send out your very first Shotgun Skycraper outreach campaign. There’s quite a bit of video and textual / image content here so this will take some time to go through however it’s explained well. Below are the topics covered directly from the course.

Here comes the fun part – negotiation. When you get responses from your prospects, there sometimes can be a bit of back-and-forth that you’ll have to go through.

Keep in mind that site owners do get a lot of emails so what’s key here is to stand out. What’s great is that you’re going to learn how to deal with every possible situation that can come up – no guessing on what you should do or say. Since these guys have dealt with thousands of contacts already, they pretty much have an answer for everything which is included in the course and passed off to you.

Mark says that the best links they have ever received was due to a lengthy conversation with the site owner. So don’t let this scare you as i’ve been through all the modules in this section of the course and anyone can have the confidence to deal with this. Keep in mind this all done through email, not on the phone. So for you introverts out there – you’re covered!

This is the final module in the course. Here you are going to learn how to scale Shotgun Skyscraper in a non-spammy, ethical way.

To scale, you will need some VA’s and a mix of automation to make this work. Some advanced tactics include how to identify people’s names using US Census data for better data quality. You’ll also use Ahrefs content explorer to identify prospects. You will get more outreach templates that have a slightly different approach, prefiltering competitors to improve efficiency, warm up your accounts and manage your sending calendar, A/B testing, etc.

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