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NYC Replays

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NOTE: This is a recording of the Workshop conducted live by Jon Mac below

What is NYC Replays by Jon Mac?

My business is running several 7-figure eCommerce stores, coaching entrepreneurs how to do the same, and also running one of the most unique and powerful 2-Day LIVE workshops out there. I have coached thousands of new and aspiring entrepreneurs from all around the world to get success with their eCommerce stores. And below, I’ll show you their results.

But of all the courses and mentorship programs I’ve created, this is my favourite. Why? Because I get one-on-one time with you. I get to know you, your business, and your goals. That’s why I’m proud to announce:



What are the Basic Requirements to join NYC Replays Course?

  • You need to have absolute focus on this business model of running an online eCommerce store. No other distractions or exceptions. You need to commit at least 2-4 hours per day to this business after the workshop is over.
  • You must come to the workshop ready to work and take action immediately. This is not a seminar where I talk at you. I expect you to be engaged and ask questions.
  • You need to ready to invest in your business. Meaning you need to have a few thousand dollars ready for scaling your campaigns or a high limit credit card. This isn’t the normal low quality seminar training you find elsewhere. This is a premium experience designed for the 1% of people who will take the time, work and energy to reach 7 figures in their business.
  • You need to be able to move fast. If this is not the right time for you to launch your 7 figure business, please don’t apply. These workshops sell out every time, so only apply if you’re ready to act now.
  • If you are negative and have a scarcity mindset where you are worried about massive markets and niches getting saturated, this event is not for you. I’m only looking for top notch entrepreneurs who want to help each other grow in a mastermind setting.


NYC Replays Workshop Structure:

    Learn the fundamentals of running an eCommerce business. Build out your store, install essential apps and find profitable products to add to your store.
    Understand what it takes to launch high ROI Facebook Ads that bring in profit quickly. Optimize like a pro and focus on your winning campaigns.
    Now it’s time to scale up big. You can scale ‘up’ or ‘out’ and combine strategies to hit $10k and $20k days. This is where your store’s true potential shines.

What will you learn here in NYC Replays?

During the LIVE 2-day workshop, I’ll show you my entire business strategy that has been responsible for generating 7 figures of revenue in over 30+ niches and multiple stores.

It doesn’t matter if you have an online store yet or not. Whatever phase you are at in the process, I will be there with you, helping you get set up, profitable and scaled before you leave the event. I’m going to give you profitable, proven products that are working right now. I’m going to write your ads for you and show you what type of targeting works best.

After the first day you will be blown away with the amount of store assets that we will set up with you. I’ll give you a complete walkthrough of each part of the business and how they work together to make you profitable fast.

Check out what William had to say about our live event. He’s earning $60k/mo now and just quit his full-time job! Edgar thinks The Millionaire Challenge LIVE event is the best way to launch your business this year. Chase loved the event and got results LIVE!

The whole time, the focus revolves around YOU and YOUR store and how you can implement these systems immediately.

Attempt the Millionaire Challenge NOW:

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