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What is Jeff Sauer – FB Ads Complete Data Master Package?

The Data Driven FB Ads Mastery program will take you from square one – never having managed a Facebook Ads account before – to advertising with expertise and confidence using the same techniques as the most effective advertising professionals.

This program will also help existing advertisers transform underperforming Facebook Ads campaigns into ROI positive investments.

​MODULE 1 FB Ads Bootcamp
This module will Jumpstart your knowledge of our Data Driven methodology, so you’re ready to approach Facebook Ads with strategic command.

In this module, I’ll show you how to:

  1. Set your budget and profit-maximizing targets using the Data Driven FB Ads calculators
  2. Power up your ad tests to get next-level results
  3. Use the Data Driven FB Ads Mastery Playbook
  4. Structure your account the right way to maximize conversions

MODULE 2 ​Navigating Facebook Ads

In Module 2, You’ll discover how to streamline and structure your Facebook Ads account. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Dial-in your account settings from day-1
  2. Understand audience targeting
  3. Maintain control of your ad spend

​MODULE 3 ​How Facebook Ads Works

Module 3 is all about managing your Facebook Ads account with skill and confidence. In this module, you’ll:

Follow the Data Driven account structure to simplify managing Facebook Ads
Get started with tracking and measuring your results by feeding the right data into Facebook
Identify the right ad placements and schedules to maximize your ad spend
Learn how to win the Facebook Ads Auction

​MODULE 4 ​Mastering Audience Targeting

It’s time to Master the Data Driven audience targeting system. In Module four, you’ll discover how to:

  • Harness the force of the Data Driven audience targeting system
  • Create the “Six Audiences” every Facebook advertiser needs to succeed
  • Go deep on demographics, location, and interests
  • Discover audience research tactics and resources that give you a competitive advantage
  • Develop custom audiences, lookalikes, and customer lists
  • Use the Data Driven process to simplify tracking your results by audience segment

MODULE 5: ​Getting Your Data Right

Budgeting, tracking, and bid optimization. In Module 5, you’ll discover how to improve your Facebook Ads ROI. Here’s are some of the key skills you’ll gain:

  • Use your data to train Facebook Ads so you can speed up your path to positive returns
  • Track and maximize the value of your audience engagements
  • Increase your reporting accuracy while holding Facebook accountable
  • Automate and simplify your advertising reports so the information you need is always in plain sight

MODULE 6 ​Earning A Positive ROI From Facebook Ads

In Module 6, you’ll discover the secrets to using data to maximize your Facebook Ads results. Here are just a few of the skills you acquire in this section of the course, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Measure your ROI accurately and find your profit maximization sweet spot
  • Decrease your ad costs by increasing your ad quality
  • Select bidding and campaign strategies that maximize your budget
  • Learn ad testing tactics that will dial-in your ad creative
  • Go beyond the newsfeed to expand your reach
  • Gain an edge with competitive research
  • Master the daily, weekly and monthly account tweaks that lead to compounding incremental gains

MODULE 7 Cementing Your Data Driven Advertiser Status

In Module 7, It’s time to complete Data Driven Facebook Ads Mastery and claim your certificate of completion. Here’s some of what you’ll find in this section, where we cover how to:

  • Score your Facebook Ads knowledge with our end of course quiz
  • Complete and claim your Data Driven FB Ads Mastery certificate
  • Breakdown the Facebook Blueprint

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